Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1963

(1) The State Government shall appoint an Administrator-General for the State:

Provided that nothing herein contained shall be deemed to bar the appointment of the same person as Administrator-General for two or more States.

(2) No person shall be appointed to the office of Administrator-
General unless he has been for at least-

(a) Seven years an advocate; or

(b) Seven years an attorney of a High Court; or

(c) Ten years a member of the judicial service of a State;or

(d) Five years a Deputy Administrator-General.

(1) The State Government may appoint a Deputy or Deputies to assist the Administrator-General; and any Deputy so appointed shall, subject to the control of the State Government and the general or special orders of the Administrator-General, be competent to discharge any of the duties and to exercise any of the powers of the Administrator-General, and when discharging such duties or exercising such powers shall have the same privileges and be subject to the same liabilities as the Administrator-General.

(2) No person shall be appointed as a Deputy under this section unless he has been for at least three years-

(a) An advocate; or

(b) An attorney of a High Court; or

(c) A member of the judicial service of a State.

The Administrator-General shall be a corporation sole by the name of the Administrator-General of the State for which he is appointed, and, as such Administrator-General, shall have perpetual succession and an official seal, and may sue and be sued in his corporate name.

(a) Grant of letters of administration and probate
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