Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1963

(1) There shall be charged in respect of the duties of the Administrator-General such fees, whether by way of percentage or otherwise, as may be prescribed by the State Government.

(2) The fees under this section may be at different rates for different estates or classes of estates or for different duties, and shall, so far as may be, be arranged so as to produce an amount sufficient to discharge the salaries and all other expenses incidental to the working of this Act, (including such sum as the State
Government may determine to be required to insure the Government against loss under this Act).

(1) Any expenses which might be retained or paid out of any estate in the charge of the Administrator-General, if he were a private Administrator of such estate shall be so retained or paid and the fees described under section 41 shall be retained or paid in like manner as and in addition to such expenses.

(2) The Administrator-General shall transfer and pay to such authority in such manner and at such time as the State Government may prescribe, all fees received by him under this Act, and the same shall be carried to the account and the credit of the Government.
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