Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1953

(1) The Central Government may give to either of the Corporations directions as to the exercise and performance by the Corporation of its functions, and the Corporation shall be bound to give effect to any such directions.

(2) The Central Government may, if it is of opinion that it is expedient in the national interest so to do, after consultation with the Corporation concerned, direct either of the Corporations-

(a) To undertake any air transport service or other activity which the Corporation has power to undertake;

(b) To discontinue or make any change in any scheduled air transport service or other activity which it is operating or carrying on;

(c) Not to undertake any activity which it proposes to do:

Provided that, if, at the direction of the Central Government, the Corporation establishes, alters or continues to maintain an air transport service or other activity and satisfies the Central
Government that during the relevant financial year the Corporation has suffered an over-all loss in respect of the operation of all its air transport services and of all its other activities and also that the service or activity so established, altered or continued to be maintained in compliance with the directions of the Central Government as aforesaid has been operated at a loss in any financial year, then the Central Government shall reimburse the Corporation to the extent of the loss relatable to the operation of that particular service or activity.

Neither Corporation shall, without the previous approval of the
Central Government--

(a) Undertake any capital expenditure for the purchase or acquisition of any immovable property or aircraft or any other thing at a cost exceeding 1*[such amount as the Central Government may, from time to time, by order, fix in this behalf];

(b) Enter into a lease of any immovable property for a period exceeding 2*[ten years]; or

(c) In any manner dispose of any property, right or privilege having an original or book value exceeding 1*[such amount as the Central Government may, from time to time, by order, fix in this behalf].


1 Subs. by Act 24 of 1982, s. 2.

2 Subs. by s. 8, Act 49 of 1971, for "five years" (w.e.f.1-2-1972).


(1) Each of the Corporations shall prepare and submit to the Central Government not less than 1*[two months] before the commencement of the financial year of the Corporation a statement showing the programme of operation and development of air transport services to be operated by the Corporation and its associates during the forthcoming financial year and its other activities as well as its financial estimates in respect thereof, including any proposed investment of capital and increase in the strength of its total staff.

(2) If, during any financial year, either of the Corporations engages or proposes to engage in any air transport service or ancillary activity in addition to those specified in the programme previously submitted under sub-section (1) and a substantial alteration of the financial estimates is likely to be involved thereby, the Corporation shall submit to the Central Government for approval a supplementary programme of such service or activity and a supplementary estimate of the expenditure and revenue to be incurred and received by the Corporation in respect thereof during the remainder of that period:

that, to meet any unexpected traffic demand or other special situation, either of the Corporations may undertake any additional service or other ancillary activity not specified in the programme submitted under sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) and subsequently submit a report on the matter to the Central Government in the prescribed manner.


1 Subs. by Act 17 of 1962, s. 4, for "three months".


(1) Each of the Corporations shall, as soon as may be after the end of each financial year prepare and submit to the Central Government in such form as may be prescribed a report giving an account of its activities during the previous financial year, and the report shall also give an account of the activities, if any, which are likely to be undertaken by the Corporation during the next financial year.

(2) The Central Government shall cause every such report to be laid before both Houses of Parliament as soon as may be after it is submitted.
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