Indian Bare Acts


Title : THE ARMY ACT, 1950

Year : 1950



10.Commission and appointment.

10.Commission and appointment. The President may grant, to such person as he thinks fit, a commission as, an officer, or as a junior commissioned officer or appoint any person, as a warrant officer of the regular Army.

11.Ineligibility of aliens for enrolment.

11.Ineligibility of aliens for enrolment. No person who is not a citizen of India shall, except with the consent of the Central
Government signified in writing, be enrolled in the regular Army:

Provided that nothing contained in this section shall bar the enrolment of the subjects of Nepal in the regular Army.

12.Ineligibility of females for enrolment or employment.

12.Ineligibility of females for enrolment or employment. No female shall be eligible for enrolment or employment in the regular
Army, except in such corps, department, branch or other body forming part of, or attached to any portion of, the regular Army as the
Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify in this behalf:

Provided that nothing contained in this section shall affect the provisions of any law for the time being in force providing for the raising and maintenance of any service auxiliary to the regular Army
,or any branch thereof in which females are eligible for enrolment or employment.

13.Procedure before enrolling officer.

13.Procedure before enrolling officer. Upon the appearance before the prescribed enrolling officer of any person desirous of being enrolled, the enrolling officer shall read and explain to him, or cause to be read and explained to him in his presence, the conditions of the service for which he is to be enrolled; and shall put to him the questions set forth in the prescribed form of enrolment, and shall, after having cautioned him that if he makes a false answer to any such question, he will be liable to punishment under this Act, record or cause to be recorded his answer to each such question.

14.Mode of enrolment.

14.Mode of enrolment. If, after complying with the provisions of section 13, the enrolling officer is satisfied that the person desirous of being enrolled fully understands the questions put to him and consents to the conditions of service, and if such officer perceives no impediment, he shall sign and shall also cause such person to sign the enrolment paper, and such person shall thereupon be deemed to be enrolled.

220.15.Validity of enrolment.

15.Validity of enrolment. Every person who has for the space of three months been in receipt of pay as a person enrolled under this
Act and been borne on the rolls of any corps or department shall be deemed to have been duly enrolled, and shall not be entitled to claim his discharge on the ground of any irregularity or illegality in his enrolment or on any other ground whatsoever ; and if any person, in receipt of such pay and borne on the rolls as aforesaid, claims his discharge before the expiry of three months from his enrolment, no such irregularity or illegality or other ground shall, until he is discharged in pursuance of his claim, affect his position as an enrolled person under this Act or invalidate any proceeding, act or thing taken or done prior to his discharge.

16.Persons to be attested.

16.Persons to be attested. The following persons shall be attested, namely:-

(a) all persons enrolled as combatants ;

(b) all persons selected to hold a non-commissioned or acting non-commissioned rank; and

(c) all other persons subject to this Act as may be prescribed by the Central Government.

17.Mode of attestation.

17.Mode of attestation. (1) When a person who is to be attested is reported fit for duty, or has completed the prescribed period of probation, an oath or affirmation shall be administered to him in the prescribed form by his commanding officer in front of his corps or such portion thereof or such members of his department as may be present, or by any other prescribed person.

(2) The form of oath or affirmation prescribed under this section shall contain a promise that the person to be attested will bear true allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established, and that he will serve in the regular Army and go wherever he is ordered by land, sea or air, and that he will obey all commands of any officer set over him, even to the peril of his life.

(3) The fact of an enrolled person having taken the oath or affirmation directed by this section to be taken shall be entered on his enrolment paper, and authenticated by the signature of the officer administering the oath or affirmation.
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