Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1871

[Act, No. 1 of 1871]
[13th January, 1871]


An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to Trespasses by Cattle.

WHEREAS it is expedient to consopolidate and amend the law relating to trespasses by cattle; It is hereby enacted as follows:-


(1) This Act may be called the Cattle- trespass Act, 1871; and

(2) It extends to the whole of India1*[except the territories which immediately before the 1st November, 1956 were comprised in Part B States], and the presidency- towns and such local areas as the State Government, by notification in the Official Gazette, may from time to time exclude from its operation. ]

[Sub- section (3) of Section 1 repealed by Act 10 of 1914, Section 3 and Schedule II.]


1. Substituted for "Part B States" by 2 A.L.O., 1956.


[Repeal of Acts Reference to repealed Acts.] Repealed by the Repealing Act, 1938 (1 of 1938).

In this Act.-

"Office of police" includes also village-watchmen, and

"Cattle" includes also elephants, camels, buffaloes, horses, mares, geldings, ponies, colts, fillies, mules, asses, pigs, rams, ewes, sheep, lambs, goats, and kids, [Ins. by Act 1 of 1891, Section 2.] [and

[Cf. definition in Section  3 (28) of the General Clauses Act, 1897 (10 of 1897), which applies to all Acts passed after the 14th January, 1887.]

"Local authority" means any body of persons for the time being invested by law with the control and administration of any matters within a specified local area, and

"Local fund" means any fund under the control or management of a local authority.]

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