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Year : 1871

Pounds shall be established at such places as the Magistrate of the District, subject to the general control of the State Government from time to time directs.

The village by which every pound is to be used shall be determined by the Magistrate of the District.

The pounds shall be under the control of the Magistrate of the District; and he shall fix, and may from time to time alter, the rates of charge for feeding and watering impounded cattle.

[Substituted by the A.O.1937.] [The State Government shall appoint a pound-keeper for every pound.

Any pound-keeper may hold simultaneously any other office under the Government.(Pound keepers may hold other offices.)
Every pound-keeper shall be deemed to be a public servant within the meaning of the Indian Penal Code.](Pound-keepers to be public servants.)

Every pound-keeper shall keep such registers and furnish such returns as the State Government from time to time directs.

When cattle are brought to a pound, the pound-keeper shall enter in his register,-

(a) The number and description of the animals,

(b) The day and hour on and at which they were so brought,

(c) The name and residence of the seizer, and

(d) The name and residence of the owner, if known and shall give the seizer or his agent a copy of the entry.

The pound-keeper shall take charge of, feed and water cattle until they are disposed of as hereinafter directed.

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