Indian Bare Acts

The Companies Act, 1956

Title : The Companies Act, 1956

Year : 1956

Sec 128    -     Particulars in case of series of debenturesentitling holders pari passu.

Where a series of debentures containing, or giving byreference to any other instrument, any charge to the benefit of which debenture holders ofthat series are entitled pari passu is created by a company, it shall, for the purposes ofsection 125, be sufficient, if there are filed with the Registrar, within thirty daysafter the execution of the deed containing the charge or, if there is no such deed, afterthe execution of any debentures of the series, the following particulars :

    (a) the total amount secured by the whole series ;

    (b) the dates of the resolutions authorising the issue of the series and the date of the covering deed, if any, by which the security is created or defined ;

    (c) a general description of the property charged ; and

    (d) the names of the trustees, if any, for the debenture holders ;

together with the deed containing the charge, or a copy ofthe deed verified in the prescribed manner, or if there is no such deed, one of thedebentures of the series :

    Provided that, where more than one issue is made of debentures in the series, there shall be filed with the Registrar, for entry in the register, particulars of the date and amount of each issue ; but an omission to do this shall not affect the validity of the debentures issued.


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