Indian Bare Acts

The Companies Act, 1956

Title : The Companies Act, 1956

Year : 1956


**Sections  377 & 378 to 383 are not reproduced here as they have become redundant afterabolition of the system of managing agent, secretaries and treasurers by Act 17of 1969 w.e.f. 3rd April, 1670.

Sec 383A    -     Certain companies to have secretaries.

    (1) Provided that every company not required to employ a whole-time secretary under sub-section (1) and having a paid-up share capital of ten lakh rupees or more shall file with the Registrar a certificate from a secretary in whole-time practice in such form and within such time and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, as to whether the company has complied with all provisions of this Act and a copy of such certificate shall be attached with Board’s report referred to in section 217.

    (1A) If a company fails to comply with the provisions of sub-section (1), the company and every officer of the company who is in default, shall be punishable with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees for every day during which the default continues:

      Provided that in any proceedings against a person in respect of an offence under this sub-section, it shall be a defence to prove that all reasonable efforts to comply with the provisions of sub-section (1) were taken or that the financial position of the company was such that it was beyond its capacity to engage a whole-time secretary.

    (2) Where, at the commencement of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1974 (41 of 1974),

      (a) any firm or body corporate is holding office, as the secretary of a company, such firm or body corporate shall, within six months from such commencement, vacate office as secretary of such company;

      (b) any individual is holding office as the secretary of more than one company having a paid-up share capital of rupees twenty-five lakhs or more, he shall, within a period of six months from such commencement, exercise his option as to the company of which he intends to continue as the secretary and shall, on and from such date, vacate office as secretary in relation to all other companies.

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