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The Companies Act,1956

Title : The Companies Act,1956

Year : 1956

 (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and to the conditions contained in its memorandum a company may, by special resolution, alter its articles:-

1*[Provided that no alteration made in the articles under this sub-section which has the effect of converting a public company into a private company, shall have effect unless such alteration has been approved by the Central Government.]

(2) Any alteration so made shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be as valid as if originally contained in the articles and be subject in like manner to alteration by special resolution.

1*[(2A) Where any alteration such as is referred to in the proviso to sub-section (1) has been approved by the Central Government, a printed copy of the articles as altered shall be filed by the company with the Registrar within one month of the date of receipt of the order of approval.]

(3) The power of altering articles under this section shall, in the case of any company formed and registered under Act No. 19 of 1857 and Act No. 7 of 1860 or either of them, extend to altering any provisions in Table B annexed to Act 19 of 1857, and shall also, in the case of an unlimited company formed and registered under the said Acts, or either of them, extend to altering any regulations relating to the amount of capital or its distribution into shares, notwithstanding that those regulations are contained in the memorandum.


1. Inserted by Act 65 of 1960, Section 11 (w.e.f. 28-12-1960).


Change of registration of companies

(1) Subject to the provisions of this section,-

(a) A company registered as unlimited may register under this Act as a limited company; and

(b) A company already registered as a limited company may re-register under this Act.

(2) On registration in pursuance of this section, the Registrar shall close the former registration of the company, and may dispense with the delivery to him of copies of any documents with copies of which he was furnished on the occasion of the original registration of the company; but, save as aforesaid, the registration shall take place in the same manner and shall have effect, as if it were the first registration of the company under this Act.

(3) The registration of an unlimited company as a limited company under this section shall not affect any debts, liabilities, obligations or contracts incurred or entered into, by, to, with or on behalf of, the company before the registration, and those debts, liabilities, obligations and contracts may be enforced in the manner provided by Part IX of this Act in the case of a company registered in pursuance of that Part.

(1) There shall be presented for registration, to the Registrar of the State in which the registered office of the company is stated by the memorandum to be situate-

(a) The memorandum of the company;

(b) Its articles, if any; and

1*[(c) The agreement, if any, which the company proposes to enter into with any individual for appointment as its managing or whole-time director or manager.]

(2) A declaration by an advocate of the Supreme Court or of a High Court, an attorney or a pleader entitled to appear before a High Court, or 2*[a Secretary or a chartered accountant in whole-time practice in India] who is engaged in the formation of a company, or by a person named in the articles as a director 3 [***] manager or secretary of the company, that all the requirements of this Act and the rules there under have been complied with in respect of registration and matters precedent and incidental thereto, shall be filed with the Registrar; and the Registrar may accept such a declaration as sufficient evidence of such compliance.

4*[Explanation.-For the purposes of this sub-section, "chartered accountant in whole-time practice in India" means a chartered accountant within the meaning of clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 (38 of 1949) who is practicing in India and who is not in full-time employment.]

(3) If the Registrar is satisfied that all the requirements aforesaid have been complied with by the company and that it is authorised to be registered under this Act, he shall retain and register the memorandum, the articles, if any, and the agreement referred to in clause (c) of sub-section (1), if any.

1. Substituted by Act 31 of 1988, Section 6, for clause (c) (w.e.f. 15-6-1988).

2. Substituted by Act 31 of 1988, Section 6, for "a chartered accountant practicing in India" (w.e.f. 15-6-1988).

3. The words "managing agent, secretaries and treasures," omitted by Act 31 of 1988, Section 6 (w.e.f. 15-6-1988).

4. Inserted by Act 31 of 1988, Section 6 (w.e.f. 15-6-1988).


(1) On the registration of the memorandum of a company, the Registrar shall certify under his hand that the company is incorporated and, in the case of a limited company that the company is limited.

(2) From the date of incorporation mentioned in the certificate of incorporation, such of the subscribers of the memorandum and other persons, as may from time to time be members of the company, shall be a body corporate by the name contained in the memorandum, capable forthwith of exercising all the functions of an incorporated company, and having perpetual succession and a common seal, but with such liability on the part of the members to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of its being wound up as is mentioned in this Act.
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