Indian Bare Acts

The Companies Act, 1956

Title : The Companies Act, 1956

Year : 1956

Sec582    -     Meaning of "unregistered company".

    For the purposes of this Part, the expression "unregistered company"-

      (a) shall not include-

        (i) a railway company incorporated by any Act of Parliament or other Indian law or any Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom;

        (ii) a company registered under this Act; or

        (iii) a company registered under any previous companies law and not being a company the registered office whereof was in Burma, Aden or Pakistan immediately before the separation of that country from India; and

      (b) save as aforesaid, shall include any partnership, association or company consisting of more than seven members at the time when the petition for winding up the partnership, association or company, as the case may be, is presented before the Court.

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