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Year : 2002

581 ZS Reconversion of Producer Company to inter-State co-operative society

(1) Any Producer Company, being an erstwhile inter-State co-operative society, formed and registered under this Part, may make an application-

(a) After passing a resolution in the general meeting by not less than two-third of its Members present and voting; or
(b) on request by its creditors representing three-fourth value of its total creditors,to the High Court for its re-conversion to the inter-State co-operative society.

(2) The High Court shall, on the application made under sub-section (1), direct holding meeting of its Members or such creditors, as the case may be, to be conducted in such manner as it may direct.

(3) If a majority in number representing three-fourths in value of the creditors, or Members, as the case may be, present and voting in person at the meeting conducted in pursuance of the directions of the High Court under sub-section (2), agree for re-conversion, if sanctioned by the High Court, be binding on all the Members and all the creditors, as the case may be, and also on the company which is being converted:

Provided that no order sanctioning re-conversion shall be made by the Court unless the Court is satisfied that the company or any other person by whom an application has been made under sub-section (7) has disclosed to the Court, by affidavit or otherwise, all material facts relating to the company, such as the latest financial position of the company, the latest auditor's report on the accounts of the company, the pendency of any investigation proceedings in relation to the company under sections 235 to 251, and the like.

(4) An order made by the Court under sub-section (3) shall have no effect until a certified copy of the order has been filed with the Registrar.

(5) A copy of every such order shall be annexed to every copy of the memorandum of the company issued after the certified copy of the order has been filed as aforesaid, or in the case of a company not having a memorandum, to every copy so issued of the instrument constituting or defining the constitution of the company.

(6) If default is made in complying with sub-section (4), the company, and every officer of the company who is in default, shall be punishable with fine which may extend to one hundred rupees, for each copy in respect of which default is made.

(7) The Court may, at any time after an application has been made to it under this section, stay the commencement or continuation of any suit or proceeding against the company on such terms as the Court thinks fit, until the application is finally disposed of.

(8) Every Producer Company which has been sanctioned re-conversion by the High Court, shall make an application, under the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act, 1984 or any other law for the time being in force for its registration as multi-State co-operative society or co-operative society, as the case may be, within six months of sanction by the High Court and file a report thereof to the High Court and the Registrar of companies and to the Registrar of the co-operative societies under which it has been registered as a multi-State co-operative society or co-operative society, as the case may be.

581ZT.Power to modify Act in its application to Producer Companies.-

(1) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, direct that any of the provisions of this Act (other than those contained in this Part) specified in the said notification-

(a) Shall not apply to the Producer Companies or any class or category thereof; or

(b) Shall apply to the Producer Companies or any class or category thereof with such exception or adaptation as may be specified in the notification.

(2) A copy of every notification proposed to be issued under sub-section (1), shall be laid in draft before each House of Parliament, while it is in session, for a total period of thirty days which may be comprised in one session or in two or more successive sessions, and if, before the expiry of the session immediately following the session or the successive sessions aforesaid, both Houses agree in disapproving the issue of the notification or both Houses agree in making any modification in the notification, the notification shall not be issued or, as the case may be, shall be issued only in such modified form as may be agreed upon by both the Houses.

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