Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1957

For the purposes of this Act, a work published in India shall he deemed to be first published in India, notwithstanding that it has been published simultaneously in some other country, unless such other country provides a shorter term of copyright for such work; and a work shall be deemed to be published simultaneously in India and in another country if the time between the publication in India and the publication in such other country does not exceed thirty days or such other period as the Central Government may, in relation to any specified country, determine.

If any question arises-

(a) Whether a work has been published or as to the date on which a work was published for the purposes of Chapter V, or

(b) Whether the term of copyright for any work is shorter in any other country than that provided in respect of that work under this Act, shall he referred to the Copyright Board constituted under section 11 whose decision thereon shall be final:

Provided that if in the opinion of the Copyright Board, the issue of copies or communication to the public referred to in section 3 was of an insignificant nature, it shall not be deemed to he publication for the purposes of that section.]

1. Substituted by Act 38 of 1994, sec. 4, for section 6w.e.f. 10-5-1995.

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