Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1978

(1) It shall be the duty of every police officer to take temporary charge-

(a) Of all unclaimed property found by, or made over to, him; and

(b) Of all property found lying in any public street, if the owner or person in charge of such property, on being directed to remove the same, refuses or fails to do so.

(2) The police officer taking charge of the property under sub-
section (1) shall furnish an inventory thereof to the Commissioner of Police.

(1) Where any property has been taken charge of under sub-section (1) of section 66, the Commissioner of Police shall issue a proclamation specifying the articles of which such property consists and requiring that any person who may have a claim thereto shall appear before him or some other officer whom he authorises in this behalf and establish his both claim within six months from the date of such proclamation

(2) If the property or any part thereof, is subject to speedy and natural decay or consists of livestock or if the property appears to be of the value of less than fifty rupees, it may forthwith be sold by auction, under the orders of the Commissioner of Police and the net proceeds of such sale shall be dealt with in the same manner as is hereinafter provided for the disposal of the said property.

(3) Where any person who has a claim to the property is required by the proclamation under sub-section (1) to appear before the other officer authorised by the Commissioner of Police in that behalf and establish his claim, such officer shall forward the record of the proceedings before him with his findings thereon to the Commissioner of Police.

(1) The Commissioner of Police on being satisfied of the title of any claimant to the possession or administration of the property specified in the proclamation issued under sub-section (1) of section 67 order the same to be delivered to him, after deduction or payment of the expenses incurred by the Delhi police in the seizure and detention thereof.

(2) The Commissioner of Police may, at his discretion, before making any order under sub-section (1), take such security as he may think proper from the person to whom the said property is to be delivered and nothing hereinbefore contained shall affect the right of any person to recover the whole or any part of the same from the person to whom it may have been delivered pursuant to such order.

(1) If no person establishes his claim to such property within the period specified in the proclamation, the property, or such part thereof as has not already been sold under sub-section (2) of section 67, may be sold by auction under the orders of the Commissioner of Police and the proceeds thereof shall be credited to the Government.

(2) If any claim is made to any proceeds credited under sub-
section (1) to the Government and if such claim is established, whether wholly or to any extent, to the satisfaction of the prescribed authority, the Administrator shall pay to the claimant the amount determined in that behalf by the prescribed authority.

(3) The form and manner in which claims may be made under sub-
section (2) and the procedure for dealing with such claims and all other matters connected therewith shall be such as may be prescribed.

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