Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1996

(1) A depository shall enter into an agreement with one or more participants as its agent.

(2) Every agreement under sub-section (1) shall be in ,such form as may be specified by the bye-laws.

Any person, through a participant, may enter into an agreement, in such form as may be specified by the bye-laws, with any depository for availing its services.

(1) Any person who has entered into an agreement under section 5 shall surrender the certificate of security, for which he seeks to avail the services of a depository, to the issuer in such manner as may be specified by the regulations.

(2) The issuer, on receipt of certificate of security under sub-section (1), shall cancel the certificate of security and substitute in its records the name of the depository as a registered owner in respect of that security and inform the depository accordingly.

(3) A depository shall, on receipt of information under sub-section (2), enter the name of the person referred to in sub-section (1) in its records, as the beneficial owner.

(1) Every depository shall, on receipt of intimation from a participant, register the transfer of security in the name of the transferee.

(2) If a beneficial owner or a transferee of any security seeks to have custody of such security the depository shall inform the issuer accordingly.

(1) Every person subscribing to securities offered by an issuer shall have the option either to receive the security certificates or hold securities with a depository.

(2) Where a person opts to hold a security with a depository, the issuer shall intimate such depository the details of allotment of the security, and on receipt of such information the depository shall enter in its records the name of the allottee as the beneficial owner of that security.
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