Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1948

Part I

I. (1) The Board shall by notice in writing to the licensee fix a date (hereafter in this Schedule referred to as the date of control), being the first day of a year of account of the licensee, and from such date the licensee shall, except where prevented by causes beyond his control, be under obligation-

(a) Subject to such directions as the Board may from time to time give him, to keep the station at all times in good and substantial repair and condition and ready for use, together with adequate staff for operating, maintaining and controlling the station, and not to make any substantial alterations or renewals in, or remove any essential or substantial part of, the station without the consent in writing of the Board;

(b) To operate the station so as to generate such quantity of electricity with such units of plant at such rates of output and at such times, or to cease to generate electricity during such periods, as the Board may direct;

(c) To carry out as soon as may be practicable such reasonable extensions, alterations or renewals of the station or any part thereof as the Board may from time to time direct:

(d) To supply to the Board all the electricity generated at the station.

(2) To enable a licensee to comply with any direction under sub-
paragraph (1) requiring extension of the station or any part thereof for purposes of the Board, the Board may, if it considers it expedient and practicable so to do, offer to advance to him a loan upon such terms and conditions as it may deem proper and the licensee 1*[may accept the loan from the Board on the terms and conditions offered or may raise a loan from other sources or employ his own funds for the purpose of such extension]:

that notwithstanding anything contained in any law or in any mortgage, charge or instrument executed by the licensee, the loan so advanced by the Board and the interest thereon shall be a first charge on the extension and subject to any prior encumbrance shall also be charged on the undertaking and all the revenues of the licensee and no such loan shall be amortised in any way by the licensee:

Provided further
that if at the date of purchase of the station under this Act or of the licensees undertaking under the Indian
Electricity Act, 1910 (9 of 1910), the said principal or any part thereof remains unpaid though due for redemption or is not on that date due for redemption, then any sum payable by the purchaser as a percentage on account of compulsory purchase under this Act or the said Act shall be reduced by an amount which bears the same proportion to that sum as the amount of the said principal or part thereof remaining unpaid or not being due for redemption as aforesaid bears to the total of the ordinary, preference and debenture capital of the licensee and the loans advanced by the Board under this sub-paragraph.

Explanation.-In this sub-paragraph, the expressions "ordinary capital", "preference capital" and "debenture capital" have the meanings respectively assigned to them in the Sixth Schedule.

II. From the date of control the Board shall, except where prevented by causes beyond its control, be under obligation to supply to the licensee, and the licensee shall be under obligation to take from the Board, the whole of the electricity required by the licensee for the purposes of his undertaking, except such quantity of electricity as the licensee may for the time being be entitled under paragraph III to purchase from a source other than the Board or as he may be generating in another station, not being a controlled station.

III. Unless otherwise agreed between the Board and the licensee, the licensee shall not, where he has received a notice under paragraph I, purchase after the date of control any quantity of electricity from a source other than the Board:

Provided that where on the date of the receipt of such notice the licensee is bound under any contract to purchase any quantity of electricity from some other source, he may, for a period not exceeding two years after the date of control or for such further period, if any, as the Board may allow, continue to purchase electricity under the said contract from such other source.

IV. The Board shall pay to the licensee, whether or not any electricity is generated at the station, the costs ascertained in accordance with the provisions of the Eighth Schedule.

V. The price to be paid by the licensee for electricity supplied by the Board shall be determined in the manner provided in the appropriate Part of this Schedule.

VI. The points at which electricity to be supplied under this
Schedule shall be delivered by the Board and the licensee respectively shall, unless otherwise agreed between the Board and the licensee, be at the generating station, and the pressure of the supplies shall be such as the Board and the licensee may agree.

VII. Where any licensee owns more than one controlled station-

(a) Such of the several controlled stations as are interconnected shall, for the purposes of this schedule, be deemed to comprise a single controlled station, and, unless the subject or context otherwise requires, the provisions of this Schedule shall be construed as if the word "combined" had been inserted before the word "station" or the words "generating station" wherever they occur;

(b) The electricity supplied at the several controlled stations by the licensee to the Board, or by the Board to the licensee, shall each respectively be treated as single supplies;

(c) In the application of clause (a) of paragraph XII, the costs of production at each of the several controlled stations shall be separately ascertained, and in the application of clause (c) of the said paragraph-

(i) The sums ascertained in accordance with clause (a) of paragraph I of the Eighth Schedule in respect of each of the several controlled stations shall be separately allocated between fixed costs and running costs, and

(ii) The sum of the several fixed costs and the sum of the several running costs shall be the fixed costs and the running costs respectively of the combined station;

(d) In directing the operation of the combined station under clause (b) of sub-paragraph (1) of paragraph I, the Board shall have regard to the nature and capacity of the licensees transmission system interconnecting the several controlled stations and to the requirements of the licensee at each of those stations.

VIII. In the event of the licensee failing, except where prevented by causes beyond his control, to perform or continue to perform any obligation imposed upon him under this Part, the Board may give notice to him in writing that on the first day of the licensees next succeeding year of account the generating station will be purchased by the Board, and on such day the Board shall purchase the

101.station at a price determined in accordance with the Fourth Schedule;

and thereafter-

(a) All the provisions of this Schedule except paragraph II
and this paragraph shall, in relation to the licensee, cease to have effect;

(b) The Board shall supply the licensee with the electricity required by him under paragraph II at such price and on such conditions as the Board may determine.


1. Subs. by Act 101 of 1956, s. 24, for certain words.

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