Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1882

A license is deemed to be revoked-

(a) When, from a cause preceding the grant of it, the grant or ceases to have any interest in the property affected by the license:

(b) When the licensee releases it, expressly or impliedly, to the grant or his representative:

(c) Where it has been granted for a limited period, or acquired on condition that it shall become void on the performance or non-performance of a specified act, and the period expires or the condition is fulfilled:

(d) Where the property affected by the license is destroyed or by superior force so permanently altered that the licensee can no longer exercise his right:

(e) Where the licensee becomes entitled to the absolute ownership of the property affected by the license:

(f) Where the license is granted for a specified purpose and the purpose is attained, or abandoned, or becomes impracticable:

(g) Where the license is granted to the licensee as holding a particular office, employment or character, and such office, employment or character ceases to exist:

(h) Where the license totally ceases to be used as such for an unbroken period of twenty years, and such cessation is not in pursuance of a contract between the grant or and the licensee:

(i) In the case of an accessory license, when the interest or right to which it is accessory ceases to exist.

Where a license is revoked, the licensee is entitled to a reasonable time to leave the property affected thereby and to remove any goods which he has been allowed to place on such property.

Where a license has been granted for a consideration and the licensee, without any fault of his own, is evicted by the grant or before he has fully enjoyed, under the license, the right for which he contracted, he is entitled to recover compensation from the grant or.
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