Indian Bare Acts



Year : 2000

(1) Where it appears to the Central Government that the arrangement in regard to the generation or supply of electric power or the supply of water for any area or in regard to the execution of an project for such generation or supply has been or is likely to be, modified to the disadvantage of that area by reason of the formation of successor States, the Central Government may, after consultation with the successor States, give such directions the State Government or other authority responsible for the maintenance, so far as practicable, of such arrangement before the appointed day.

(2) The Central Government shall within a period of three months from the appointed day, by order, also determine the share of the successor States in the entitlement of the existing State of Madhya Pradesh to power produced by the Central Government and rtakings having due regard to the likely disadvantage which might have been occasioned to any successor State as a result of modified arrangements for generation and supply of electric power.

(1) The Central Government may, as and when it considers necessary, constitute an inter-State River Water Board, after consultation with the successor States, for the planning and development of inter-State rivers and river valleys.

(2) The Inter-State River Board constituted under sub-section (1) may be entrusted with the following functions, namely:-

(a) To examine the requirement of funds for various projects according to the programmes laid down for such projects and to advise regarding the apportionment of the expenditure to the State participating to implement such programmes keeping in view the agreement on the sharing of costs;

(b) To decide the sharing and withdrawal of water from the reserviors for irrigation, power and other purposes with a view to securing better use of available water;

(c) To determine the programmes of re-settlement of displaced persons as a result of the projects; and

(d) To approve and supervise the planning, survey and investigation, preparation of project reports and construction of joint inter State projects and their subsequent operation and maintenance.
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