Indian Bare Acts


Title : THE NAVY ACT, 1957

Year : 1957

For every distinct offence of which any person is accused, there shall be a separate charge but except as otherwise provided by regulations made under this Act all separate charges may be tried together.

If a single act or series of acts is of such a nature that it is doubtful which of several offences the facts which can be proved will constitute, the accused may be charged with having committed all or any of such offences, and any number of such charges may be tried at one trial; or he may be charged in the alternative with having committed some one of the said offences.

The following persons may be charged and tried together, namely:-

(i) Persons accused of the same offence committed in the course of the same transaction;

(ii) Persons accused of an offence and persons accused of abetment of, or an attempt to commit, such offence; and

(iii) Persons accused of different offences committed in the course of the same transaction :

Provided that in a trial by a court-martial, the trial judge advocate may, on the application made in this behalf by any accused, direct that each of the accused be tried separately by the same court-
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