Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1882

{ Act 4 of 1906, s.4, for the original s.69.}

(1) If two or more Judges of the Small Cause Court sit together in any suit, or in any proceeding under Chapter VII of this Act, and differ in their opinion as to any question of law or usage having the force of law or the construction of a document, which construction may affect the merits, or if in any suit or in any such proceeding, in which the amount or value of the subject-matter exceeds five hundred rupees, any such question arises upon which the Court entertains reasonable doubt, and either party so requires, the Small Cause Court shall draw up a statement of the facts of the case and the point on which there is a difference of opinion or on which doubt is entertained, and refer such statement with its own opinion on the point for the opinion of the High Court; and the provisions of sections 619 to 621 of the {See now the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Act 5 of 1908), Sch.I, Order XLVI, rules 3 to 5} Code of Civil Procedure (14 of 1882), shall, so far as they are applicable, be deemed to apply as if such reference had been made under section 617 {See now rule 1, ibid} of the said Code.

(2) When the Small Cause Court refers any question for the opinion of the High Court as provided in sub-section (1), it shall either reserve judgment or give judgment contingent upon such opinion.]

When judgment is given under section 69 contingent upon the opinion of the High Court, the party against whom such judgment is given shall at once furnish security, to be approved by the Small Cause Court, for the costs of the reference to the High Court and for the amount of such judgment:

Provided that no security for the amount of such judgment shall be required in any case in which the Judge who tried the case has ordered such amount to be paid into Court, and the same has been paid accordingly.

If no such security given, party to be deemed to have submitted to judgment.-

Unless such security as aforesaid is at once furnished, the party against whom such contingent judgment has been given shall be deemed to have submitted to the same.

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