Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1882

Any such order shall justify the bailiff to whom it is addressed in entering after the hour of six in the morning and before the hour of six in the afternoon upon the property named therein, with such assistants as he thinks necessary, and giving possession of such property to the applicant: and no suit or prosecution shall be maintainable against any Judge or officer of the Small Cause Court by whom any such order as aforesaid was issued, or against any bailiff or other person by whom the same was executed, or by whom any such, summons as aforesaid was served, for the issue, execution or service of any such order or summons, by reason only that the applicant was not entitled to the possession of the property.

When the applicant, at the time of applying for any such order as aforesaid, was entitled to the possession of such property, neither he nor any person acting in his behalf shall be deemed, on account of any error, defect or irregularity in the mode of proceeding to obtain possession there under, to be a trespasser; but any person aggrieved may bring a suit for the recovery of compensation for any damage which he has sustained by reason of such error, defect or irregularity:

When no such damage is proved, the suit shall be dismissed; and when such damage is proved but the amount of the compensation assessed by the Court does not exceed ten rupees, the Court shall award to the plaintiff no more costs than compensation, unless the Judge who tries the case certifies that in his opinion full costs should be awarded to the plaintiff.

Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to protect any applicant obtaining possession of any property under this Chapter from a suit by any person deeming himself aggrieved thereby, when such applicant was not at the time of applying for such order as aforesaid entitled to the possession of such property
Application for order in such case an act of trespass And when the applicant was not, at the time of applying for any such order as aforesaid, entitled to the possession of such property, the application for such order, though no possession is taken there under, shall be deemed to be an act of trespass committed by the applicant against the occupant.

{Section 47 has been amended in its application to Madras by section 2 (b) of Madras Act 3 of 927.}

Whenever on an application being made under section 41 the occupant binds himself, with two sureties, in a bond for such amount giving as the Small Cause Court thinks reasonable, having regard to the value of the property and the probable costs of the suit next hereinafter mentioned, to institute without delay a suit in the High Court against the applicant for compensation for trespass and to pay all the costs of such suit in case he does not prosecute the same or in case judgment therein is given for the applicant, the Small Cause Court shall stay the proceedings on such application until such suit is disposed of.

If the occupant obtains a decree in any such suit against the applicant, such decree shall supersede the order (if any) made under section 43.

Nothing contained in section 22 shall apply to suits under this section.

In all proceedings under this Chapter, the Small Cause Court shall, as far as may be and except as herein otherwise provided, follow the procedure prescribed for a Court of first instance by the {See now the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Act 5 of 1908} Code of Civil Procedure (14 of 1882).

{Section 49 has been amended in its application to the Presidency-town of Madras by Madras Act 3 of 1927, section 2 (b).}
Recovery of the possession of any immovable property under this Chapter shall be no bar to the institution of a suit in the High Court for trying the title thereto.

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