Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1989


3. Zonal Railways.- (1) The Central Government may, for the purpose of the efficient administration of the Government railways, by notification, constitute such railways into as many Zonal Railways as it may deem fir and specify in such notification the names and headquarters of such Zonal Railways and the areas in respect of which they shall exercise jurisdiction.
(2)The Zonal Railway existing immediately before the commencement of this Act shall be deemed to be Zonal Railways constituted under sub-section (1).

(3) The Central Government may, be notification, declare any unit of the railways engaged in research, development, designing construction or production of rolling stock, its parts or other equipment used on a railway, to be a Zonal Railway.

(4) The Central Government may, by notification, abolish any Zonal Railway or constitute any new Zonal Railway out of any existing Zonal Railway or Zonal Railways, Change the name or headquarters or any Zonal Railway or determine the areas in respect of which a Zonal Railway shall exercise jurisdiction.

4. Appointment of General Manager.- (1) The Central Government shall, by notification, appoint a person to be the General Manager of a Zonal Railway.

(2) The General superintendence and control of a Zonal Railway shall vest in the General Manager.
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