Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1995

The National Textile Corporation or any person which that corporation may by order in writing, specify, shall be entitled to exercise the powers of general superintendence, directing, control and management of the affairs and business of a textile undertaking, the right, title and interest of an owner in relation to which have vested in that Corporation under sub-section (2) of section 3, and do all such things as the owner of the textile undertaking is authorised to exercise and do.

(1) If the National Textile Corporation considers it necessary or expedient for the better management modernisation, restructuring, or revival of a textile undertaking so to do, it may, with the previous sanction of the Central Government, transfer, mortgage; sell or otherwise dispose of any land, plant machinery or any other assets of any of the textile undertakings :

Provided that the proceeds of no such transfer, mortgage, sale or disposal of assets shall be utilized for any purpose other than the purpose for which the sanction of the Central Government has been obtained.

On the vesting of the management of a textile undertaking in the National Textile Corporation, all persons in charge of the management of such textile undertaking immediately before such vesting shall be bound to deliver to the National Textile Corporation all assets, books of account, registers or other documents in their custody relating to the textile undertaking.

The National Textile Corporation shall maintain the accounts of the textile undertakings in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956.

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