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Year : 1960

It shall be the duty of the survey officer to prepare a record of rights for each village showing the area of each survey number and other particulars and any other record or register, in accordance with the rules made under this Act.

(1) When a record of rights has been prepared, the survey officer shall publish a draft of the record in such manner and for such period as may be prescribed and shall receive and consider any objections which may be made during the period of such publication, to any entry therein or to any omission therefrom.

(2) When all objections have been considered and disposed of in accordance with the rules made in this behalf, the survey officer shall cause the record to be finally published in the prescribed manner.

(3) Every entry in the record of rights as finally published shall, until, the contrary is proved, be presumed to be correct.

The civil courts shall have jurisdiction to decide any dispute to which the Government is not a party relating to any right or entry which is recorded in the record of rights.

 The survey officer may, on application made to him in this behalf or on his own motion, within one year from the date of final publication of the record of, rights, correct any entry in such record which he is satisfied has been made owing to a bona fide mistake.

(1) There shall be maintained for every village a register of mutations in such form as may be prescribed.

(2) Any person acquiring by succession, survivor ship, inheritance, partition, purchase, gift, mortgage, lease or otherwise any right in land or, where such person acquiring the right is a minor or otherwise disqualified, his guardian or other person having charge of his property, shall report his acquisition of such right to the village accountant within three months from the date of such acquisition and the village accountant shall give at once a written acknowledgement in the prescribed form for such report to the person making it.

(3) The village accountant shall enter the substance of every report made to him under sub-section (2) in the register of mutation and also make an entry therein respecting the acquisition of any right of the kind mentioned in sub-section (2) which he has reason to believe to have taken place and of which a, report has not bee made under the said sub-section and, at the same time, shall post up a complete copy of the entry in a conspicuous place in the village and shall give written intimation to all persons appearing from the record of rights or the register of mutations to be interested in the mutations and to any other person whom he has reason to believe to be interested therein.

(4) Should any objection to an entry made under sub-section (3)
in the register of mutations be made either orally or in writing to the village accountant, he shall enter the particulars of the objection in the register of disputed cases and shall at once give a written acknowledgement in the prescribed form for the objection to the person making it.

(5) The objections made under sub-section (4) shall be decide on the basis of possession by the competent authority and orders dis-
posing of objections entered in the register of disputed cases shall be recorded in the register of mutations by the competent authority

(6) After the entries in the register of mutations have been tested and found correct,. the entries shall be transferred to the record of rights and shall be certified by such officer as may be prescribed in this behalf.

The Collector may, if he is of opinion that any person has wilfully neglected to make the report required by section 46 within the prescribed period, impose on such person a penalty not exceeding twenty-five rupees.

Subject to rules made under this Act,-

(a) Any revenue officer may, for the purpose of preparing or revising any map or plan required for or in connection with any record or register under this Chapter, exercise any of the powers of the survey officer under section 27 except the power of assessing the cost of hired labour; and

(b) Any revenue officer not below the rank of sub-divisional officer may assess the cost of the preparation or revision of such maps or plans and all expenses incidental thereto, and such costs and expense shall be recoverable in the same manner as an arrear of land revenue.

Certified copies of entries in the record of rights may be granted by such officers and on payment of such fees as may be prescribed.

Subject to such rules and on payment of such fees, if any as may be prescribed, all maps and land records shall be open to inspection by the public during office hours, and Certified extracts therefrom or Certified copies thereof may be given to all persons applying for the same.

When a local area is under settlement, the duty of maintaining the maps and records may, under the orders of the Administrator, be transferred from the Collector to the settlement officer.

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