Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1960

The boundaries of villages, survey numbers, sub-divisions and fields shall be fix4d, and all disputes relating thereto shall be determined, by survey officers or by such other officers as may be appointed by the Administrator for the purpose, in accordance with the rules made in this behalf.

(1) The settlement of a boundary under this Chapter shall be deter minative-

(a) Of the proper position of the boundary line or boundary marks; and

(b) Of the rights of the landholders on either side of the boundary fixed in respect of the land adjudged to appertain, or not to appertain, to their respective holdings.

(2) Where a boundary has been so fixed, the Collector may at any time summarily evict any landholder who is wrongfully in possession of any land which has been adjudged in the settlement of a boundary not to appertain to his holding or to the holding of any person through or under whom he claims.

It shall be lawful for any survey officer authorised in this behalf to specify, or pause to be constructed, laid out, maintained or repaired, boundary marks of villages or survey numbers or subdivisions and to assess all charges incurred thereby on the holders or others having an interest therein.

The boundary marks shall be of such description and shall be constructed, laid out, maintained or repaired in such manner and shall be of such dimensions and materials as may, subject to the rules made under this Act, be determined by the Collector or other officer appointed for the purpose.

Every landholder shall be responsible for the maintenance an good repair of the boundary marks of his holding and for any charge ,reasonably incurred on account of the same by the revenue officers in case of alteration, removal or disrepair. It shall be the duty of the village officers and servants to prevent the destruction or un authorised alteration of the village boundary marks.

After the introduction of survey and settlement in a district, the charge of the boundary marks shall devolve on the Collector and it shall be his duty to take measures for their construction, laying out, maintenance and repair.

Any person willfully erasing, removing or injuring a boundary mark shall be liable to such penalty not exceeding fifty rupees as the competent authority may impose.

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