Indian Bare Acts



Year : 1956

[Act, No. 3 of 1956]
[3rd March, 1956]


An Act to make provision for the co-ordination and determination of standards in Universities andforthat purpose, to establish a University Grants Commission.

BE it enacted by Parliament in the Seventh Year of the Republic of India as follows:-

(1) This Act may be called The University Grants Commission Act, 1956.

(2) It shall come into force on such date1*as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint.


1. 5-11-1956 is the date appointed.


In this Act, unless the context otherwise, requires,-

(a) "Commission" means the University Grants Commission established under section 4;

(b) "Executive authority", in relation to a University, means the chief executive authority of theUniversity (by whatever name called) in which the general administration of the University is vested;

(c) "Fund" means the Fund of the University Grants Commission constituted under section 16;

(d) "Member" means a member of the University Grants Commission and includes a Chairman1[and Vice-Chairman];

(e) "Prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act;

(f) "University" means a University established or incorporated by or under a Central Act, a Provincial Act or a State Act, and includes any such institution as may, in consultation with the University concerned, be recognised by the Commission in accordance with the regulations made in this behalf under this Act.


1. Inserted by the University Grants Commission (Amendment) Act, 1972 (33 of 1972), S. 2 (17-6-1972).


The Central Government may, on the advice of the Commission, declare, by notificationa in the Official Gazette, that any institution for higher education, other than a University, shall be deemed to be a University for the purposes of this Act, and on such a declaration being made, all the provisions of this Act, and on such a declaration being made, all the provisions of this Act shall apply to such institution as if it were a University within the meaning of clause (f) of section 2.
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