Transitional Provisions

Article 90: New Parliament
1. The ordinary session of Parliament is suspended. The mandate of the members of the present National Assembly shall expire on the day that the Assembly elected under this Constitution convenes.
2. Until that day, the Government alone shall have the authority to convene Parliament.
3. The mandate of the members of the Assembly of the French Union shall expire at the same time as the mandate of the members of the present National Assembly.

Article 91: Other Institutions and Offices
1. The institutions of the Republic provided for by this Constitution shall be established within four months after its promulgation.
2. This time limit shall be extended to six months for the Community institutions.
3. The powers of the President of the Republic now in office shall expire only when the results of the election provided for in Articles 6 and 7 of this Constitution are proclaimed.
4. The member States of the Community shall participate in this first election under the conditions deriving from their status on the date of promulgation of the Constitution.
5. The established authorities shall continue to perform their functions in these States in accordance with the legislation and regulations applicable at the time of entry into force of the Constitution, until the authorities provided for by their new regimes are set up.
6. Until it is definitively constituted, the Senate shall consist of the present members of the Conseil de la Republique. The organic acts that will determine the definitive composition of the Senate must be passed before July 31, 1959.
7. The powers conferred on the Constitutional Council by Articles 58 and 59 of the Constitution shall be exercised, until this Council has been set up, by a committee composed of the Vice President of the Conseil d'Etat, as Chairman, the Presiding Judge of the Cour de Cassation, and the Presiding Judge of the Cour des Comptes.
8. The peoples of the member States of the Community shall continue to be represented in Parliament until the measures required to implement Title XII have been put into effect.

Article 92: Establishment by Special Ordinances
1. The legislative measures necessary for the setting up of the institutions and, until they are set up, for the functioning of the governmental authorities, shall be taken by the Council of Ministers, after consultation with the Conseil d'Etat, in the form of ordinances having legislative force.
2. During the period laid down in Article 91 (1), the Government shall be authorized to determine, by ordinances having legislative force and passed in the same way, the electoral system of the Assemblies provided for by the Constitution.
3. During the same period and under the same conditions, the Government may also, on all matters, take the measures it deems necessary for the life of the nation, the protection of citizens or the safeguarding of liberties.