The Economic System

Article 40
In order to promote the socioeconomic development towards a socially just society, a development plan shall be determined by law, taking into consideration the national and socioeconomic goals of the State.

Article 41
Natural riches and resources are property of the nation and shall be used to promote economic, social and cultural development. The nation has the inalienable right to take complete possession of its natural resources in order to utilize them to the benefit of the economic, social and cultural development of Suriname.

Article 42
1. The law shall guarantee that the mode of exercise of trade and industry is not contrary to the national goals, the public interest and notably the public policy, health, morality and state security.
2. The traffic of foreign currency shall be regulated by law.

Article 43
The structure of the financial system shall be regulated by law in such a manner that by saving and by the correct allocation of the necessary financial means, investments in the productive sector would be advanced.

Article 44
The right to industrial property shall be regulated by law.