Article 157
1. The structure of the administrative organs of government shall be such that they can bring their services close to the people in order to assure the participation of those concerned with what is happening and in order to avoid bureaucratism.

2. Suitable forms of administrative decentralization shall be created by law, taking efficiency into consideration and without diminishing the unity of action or the powers of the Government to give guidance and to exercise supervision.

3. Administrative procedures shall be created by law, which will ensure the rationality of the methods used by the ministerial departments, as well as the participation of the citizens in the process of decision making or in the debates that concern them.

Article 158
1. Everyone shall have the right to be informed by the organs of government administration on the advancement in the handling of cases in which he has a direct interest and on measures taken with regard to him.

2. Interested parties shall have the right to submit to the court for reassessment any final and enforceable act by agencies of public administration, which is believed to be unlawful.

3. In disciplinary procedures the right of interested parties to reply shall be guaranteed.