Article 180
1. The defense policy is vested in the Government.

2. The protection of the State is a fundamental duty of every citizen.

3. Military service is obligatory for a certain period, under conditions to be regulated by law.

4. Civil service is obligatory under conditions to be regulated by law, as a substitute or complement to military service.

5. Persons who are found to be unsuited for military service of conscientious objectors can, under conditions to be laid down by law, perform unarmed military or civil service fitting for their situation.

6. Without prejudice to further sanctions to be determined by law, a citizen who intentionally fails to perform military or civil service when given the opportunity to do so, shall not fulfill or maintain a function in government or public service.

7. A citizen who performs military or civil service shall not be deemed to damage this legal position or further career development or to infringe secondary labor conditions.

8. Repealed.