Article 181
1. The People’s Assembly consists of:
  1. the National Assembly
  2. the District Councils;
  3. the Local Councils.
2. The People's Assembly shall convene for the third vote:
  1. In case of amending of the Constitution with regard to the powers and tasks of the representatives in the several representative bides, whereto the consent of at least 2/3 of the number of valid votes is required, if that majority cannot be obtained after two rounds of voting in the National Assembly.
  2. For the election of the President and the Vice-President, in case none of the candidates has obtained the constitutional majority after two rounds of voting in the National Assembly,
  3. In case a decision shall be taken by law by absolute majority with regard to the possible discharge of the President, if the National Assembly does not reach consensus on the matter.
  4. Repealed.
3. Decisions in the People's Assembly shall be taken by ordinary majority of the votes cast, if more than half of the number of functioning members of the bodies referred to in paragraph 1, are present.