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The Union , its fundamental constituents and aims
The Fundamental Social and Economic Basis of the Union
Freedom , Rights and Public Duties
The Union Authorities
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Article 110
1.  Union laws shall be promulgated in accordance with the provision of this Article and other appropriate provisions of the Constitution.
2.  A draft law shall become a law after the adoption of the following procedures:-
  1. The council of Ministers shall prepare a bill and submit it to the federal National Council.
  2. The Council of Ministers shall submit the bill to the president of the Union for his approval and presentation to the supreme Council for ratification.
  3. The president of the Union shall the bill after ratification by the Supreme Council and shall promulgate it.
  1. If the Federal national council inserts any amendment to the bill and this amendment is not acceptable to the president of the Union or the Supreme Council, or if the Federal national council rejects the bill, the president of the Union or the Supreme Council may refer it back to the National Council. If the Federal national council introduces an amendment on that occasion which is not acceptable to the president of the Union or the Supreme Council, or if the Federal national council decides to reject the bill, the president of the Union may promulgate the law after ratification by the Supreme Council.
  2. The term "bill" in this clause shall mean the draft which is submitted to the president of the Union by the Council of Ministers including the amendments, if any, made to it by the Union National Council.
4. Notwithstanding the forgoing, if the situation requires the promulgation of Union laws when the National Council is not in session, the Council of Ministers of the Union may issue them through the Supreme Council and the president of the Union, provided that the Union Council is notified at its next meeting.

Article 111
Laws shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Union within a maximum of two weeks from the date of their signature and promulgation by the president of the Union after the Supreme Council has ratified them. Such laws shall become in force one month after the date of their publication in the said Gazette, unless another date is specified in the said law.

Article 112
No laws may be applied except on what occurs as from the date they become in force and no retroactive effect shall result in such laws. The law may, however, stipulate the contrary in matters other than criminal, if necessity so requires.


Article 113
Should necessity arise for urgent promulgation of Union laws between sessions of the Supreme Council, the President of the Union together with the Council of Ministers may promulgate the necessary laws in the form of decrees which shall have the force of law, provided that they are not inconsistent with the Constitution.
Such decree-laws must be referred to the Supreme Council within a week at the maximum for assent or rejection. If they are approved, they shall have the force of law and the Federal national council shall be notified at its next meeting.
However, if the Supreme Council does not approve them, they shall cease to have the force of law unless that it has decided to sanction their effectiveness during the preceding period, or to settle in some other way the effects arising there from


Article 114
No decree may be issued unless the council of Ministers has confirmed it and president of the Union or Supreme Council, according to their powers, has ratified it. Decrees shall be published in the Official Gazette after signature by the President of the Union.

Article 115
While the Supreme Council is out of session and necessity arises, it may authorize the president of the Union and the Council of Ministers collectively to promulgate decrees whose ratification is within the power of the Supreme Council, provided that such authority shall not include ratification of international agreements and treaties or declaration or remission of martial law or declaration of a defensive war or appointment of the president or Judges of the Union Supreme Court.
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