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    (Customs, import & export matters. Import, Export code numbers. Procedure in imports/ exports. Appeals in import/export matters. Excise duty, registration for excise. civil, criminal Appeals in excise matters.)

    Office of the Commissioner of Customs
    Custom House, Cochin - 682009
    Telephone : 666851 to 666864, 663061, 668062, 66774 to 66676, 666776
    Fax : 668468
    STD Code : 0484
    Telegram : "CUSTOMS"
    Telegram : 885 6208 CUSX IN
    Email : cuscochi@excise.gov.in

    Commissionaire of Central Excise, Cochin - I
    C.R. Building, I.S. Press Road, Cochin -18.
    Control Room : 394105
    Control Room Fax : 394105
    PBX : 390404, 390311, 395376, 390308, 390240, 395272, 390670
    Fax : 390608
    STD : 0484
    Telegraph : CENEXCISE
    E-mail : cexcochi@excise.nic.in cex1500, cexcoch2@excise.nic.in

    Asstt. Director (Cost),
    Cochin-1 Commissionerate, Cochin-18
  • Income Tax
    (Income Tax returns,civil, criminal appeals against income tax orders. Permanent account number. (PAN).)

    Chief Commissioner of Income Tax
    Central Revenue Building, I.S. Press Road, Cochin-682018 CCIT
    PH 390176,395950 FAX 0484-395583,396288
    PBX 390229,390290,390316
    (Provident fund registration, civil, Appeals & Procedure.)

    No.36/685-A, Bhavishyanidhi Bhawan,
    (Near Seventh Day Adventist School),
    Post Box No.1895, Kaloor, Kochi - 682 017 (KR)
    (Gram: BHAVISHYANIDHI-Kochi)
    (E-mail:- epfokochi@vsnl.net)
    Tel.0484-2341579 , Fax 0484-2338410.
    (Reserve bank of India, code no. Investment in India. Permission for overseas investments, civil, criminal. )

    Reserve Bank of India
    Ernakulam North,
    Post Box No.3065
    Kochi - 682 018
    Telephone : 91- 0484-2402911, 2401153
    Fax : 91-484-2402715
    e-mail : rbikochi@md2.vsnl.net.in
    (Joint venture, Foreign companies. Corporate matters, foreign investments & approvals. New companies with foreign equity.)
    The Joint Director General of Foreign Trade,
    H.No.36/826, A-Chittor Road(Opp. To SRVLP
    Cochin-682 011.
    Phone No.370760
    E-mail address:dgftchn@ker.nic.in
  • Regional Passport Office Building
    Panampilly Nagar
    Cochin 682 036
    Tele : 0484-314041, 315152, 312607, 310920
    PASSEM, Cochin
    Telx : 0885-6468
    Fax : 0484-310915
    (Covers Appeals, consumer recovery, drafting, and representation. civil, criminal, Lawyers, advocate on record. Courts, medical negligence, hospitals, doctors, chartered accountants, claims, arbitration, arbitrator.)
  • Find a Kochi Corporate Lawyers / Kochi Corporate law firms
    handling Corporate and business law also covering Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property Right (IPR), Trade Mark Lawyer, Patent Lawyer, Copyright Lawyer, Commercial Law, Contract, Incorporation.

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  • Find a Kochi Tax Lawyers / Kochi Tax law firms
    handling Income Tax, Sales tax, Customs, Excise, With holding tax.

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  • Find a Kochi Real Estate / Property Lawyers - Kochi Real Estate / Property law firms

    handling Will, Property Lawyer, gift, Transfer, Sale, Title search, Agreement.

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  • Find a Kochi Family Lawyers / Kochi Divorce Lawyers
    handling Inheritance, Child custody, adoption lawyer, maintenance, alimony, court marriage, registration.

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