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I want Justice
Signatures :
(Goal 50 )
Petitioning :
Take Action against land mafia Nagaon,Assam, And against of corrupt Officers
Petitioner :
sanjoy paul started on 2013-07-03 15:53:01

with due respect I beg to state I am citizen of india by birth and resident of M.D road (Haibargaon),
mouza town, P.S Sadar in the district of nagaon. The applicant has been suffering from the treat of his life
and property and this application has been filed before your honour to ensure his life and personal liberty
as well as his property and praying for appropriate action against the criminal as well as delinquent
police officers through inquiry for the ends of justice.

1. That one Mahibul Hauue Hazarika, son of Mazarul Haque Hazarika being the owner of a plot of land
measuring 19 lechas covered by k.p. patta no.58/63 and dag no.93/949/950/951/1483 of Hiabar Kissamat
under mouza-Town in the district of Nagaon agreed to sale the aforesaid plot of land to the applicant for a
consideration of Rupees.10,00000 (ten lacs) only and exexuted an agreement for sale infavour of the
applicant on 3/9/2009 receiving an amount of Rupees 2,00000 (two lacs) only as advance amount, and
also allowed applicant to remain in possession of the same as the applicant had been running his business
from the house standing in the aforesaid land as a tenant since the days of the father of Mahibul Haque Hazarika
namely Mazarul Haque Hazarika. But, more surprisngly ,on 05/12/2010, at about 12.30 p.m the said
Mahibul Haque Hazarika along with some unknown miscreants (anti social persons) armed with dangerous weapons
trespassed in to the said premisses by breaking the lock of the gate and the door of the room and destroyed the
valuable goods consisted therein. They also criminally intimidated the applicant and his family members and asked the
applicant to vacate the premises immediately. When the people of the locality gathered in the said place of occurrence
reacted against their said illegal activities they left the place.
The applicant lodged an F.I.R. before the in-charge of Haibargaon police out post on the same day i.e. on 05/12/2010,
but no action was taken by the police against the accused till date.

A Copy of the said agreement for sale dated 03/09/2009 and F.I.R. dated 05/12/2010 is annexed hereto as
Annexure-1 & 2 respectively.

2. That since the said Mahibul Haque Hazarika refused to take steps for exection of sale Deed in favour of the applicant
in respect of the aforesaid land the applicant filed a Civil Suit before the Civil Judge Nagaon for specific perfomance of the
contract which has been numbered as Title Suit no. 47/2010 in which the learned Civil Judge of Nagaon was pleased to allow
the said injunction petition and passed order restraining the said Mahibul Haque Hazarika from disturbing the possession
of the applicant over the said suit land and transferring from the said land to any other third party vide order dated 25/05/2011

Copy of the said order dated 25/05/2011 passed in M.J. Case no 101/2010 is annexed hereto as Annexure-3.

3. That on 05/08/2012 at about 11.00 a.m., the said Mahibul Haque Hazarika along with one Mun , Sajida Begum, Julna,
and some other unknown Miscreants again trespassed into the applicant s shop room standing on the aforesaid suit land by
breaking the lock of the door and destroyed TV,Utensils and other valuable Materials kept therein for the purpose of sale
and also forcefully took away the same in the daylight. The applicant immediately informed the police of Haibargaon
Out Post, But the i/c Haibargaon Out Post refused to come to the place of occurrence immediately, but when the media
persons came and informed the higher authority of police about the incident, police came and couhgt red handed
some of miscreants and also seized valuable metarials of the applicant from them along with the pulling cart . The applicant
also lodged an F.I.R. immediately on the same day i.e. 05/08/2012 at the time of occurrence before the officer in-charge
Nagaon police staion which was Subsequently registered as Nagaon P.S. case no 1014/2012 under section which was
427/380/34 IPC on 06/08/2012 and deputed S.I Kulendra Bharali for investigation of the case. But, no investigation has been
carried out and no action has been taken against the culprits by the police till date despite submission of CD and other evidences
of the said incident by the applicant. It is also stated the i/c of Haibargaon TOP put the said rooms under lock and key immdiately
without any court s order and took away the keys with him restraining the applicant thereby from entering into his shop room and
did not hand over the same in spite ofrepeated requests.

Copy of the said F.I.R. dated 05/08/2012 is annexed hereto as Annexure- 4.

4. That since the local police did not take action against the accused persons, the applicant on the next day i.e. on 06/06/2012,
submitted an application before the Hon ble Superintendent of police, Nagaon stating in details about the said occurrence.

Copy of the said application dated 06/08/2012 is annexed hereto as Annexure- 5.

5. That since no action was taken by the police against the accused persons and no initiative was taken to recover the valuable
materials of the applicant from the accused by the police, the applicant also filed a complaint case before the Court of Chief Judicial
Magistrate against the accused persons which was registered as C.R. no.2553/2012. The Hon ble Court of Rana Dutta J.M.F.C vide
order dated 10/09/2012 stayed the proceeding of the said case due topendency of the police investigation in Nagaon
P.S. Case no.1041/12 in respect of the same incident and the I/O was directed to expedite his process of investigation and submit
the charge sheet/report in the said case till date wilfilly violating the direction of the said order deted 10/09/2012

Copy of the said complaint petition and Order dated 10/09/2012 passed in said C.R. No.2353/12 are annexed
hereto as Annexure- 6 & 7 respectivly.

6. That since the i/c Haibargaon TOP did not take any action against the culprits and also did not hand over the key
of the shop rooms, the applicant served him apleader notice on 16/08/2012 through his advocate, copy of the same
was also served to the hon ble Director General of Police, Assam, Superintendent of Police , Nagaon and other officials.
On reveipt of the same the hon ble Inspector General of Police (L &O) vide letter bearing Memo
No.G/XII/105/VOL-IV/pt-II/323-A dated 29/08/2012 requested the Superintendent of Police, Nagaon to enquire into the
matter and to submit an enquiry report to the Headquarters for peresal of the Director General of Police, Assam. Then only,
at the intervention of the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nagaon, the key of the room was handed over to the applicant.
But, the materials seized by the police have not been delivered to the applicant till date.

Copies of the said pleader notice dated 16/08/2012 and the letter of the I.G.P. (L & O) dated 29/08/2012 are annexed
hereto as Annexure- 8 & 9 respectively.

7. That mean while, the i/c Haibargaon TOP as well as Officer-in-charge, Nagaon Police Station in collusion with accused
Mahibul Haque Hazarika, Istak Uddin Hazarika, Haidar Ali and others forwarded several reports against the applicant including
Haibargaon TOP Non-FIR Case No. 109/12 U/S 107/144 of Cr.P.C. and Haibargaon TOP Non-FIR Case No. 131/12 U/S
107/144 of Cr.P.C. to restrain him from enjoying peaceful possession of the said suit land. It is also stated that although the i/c
Haibargaon TOP under Nagaon police Station were unable to take any panel action against the accused of the F.I.R.
dated 05/08/2012 lodged by the applicant, but, more surprisingly, he took prompt action against the applicant when the said accused
Mahibul Haque Hazarika lodged a complaint petition being C.R. No. 2323/12 before the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate,
Nagaon which was subsequently registered as Nagaon P.S. No. 1091/2012 U/S 294/298/380/34 of I.P.C.

Copies of the said report forwarded by the i/c Haibargaon TOP in Haibargaon TOP Non-FIR Case No. 109/12 U/S 107/144
Of Cr.P.C. and Haibaragaon TOP Non-FIR Case No. 131/12 U/S 107/144 of Cr.P.C, and FIR lodged by Mahibul Haque
Hazarika in Nagaon P.S. Case No. 1091/2012 are annexed hereto as Annexure- 10, 11 & 12 respectively.

8. That on 12/06/2013 at about 4.30 p.m. the said Mahibul Haque Hazarika and Istak Uddin Hazarika along with some unknown
persons armed with stick, rod and sharp weapons again forcefully entered into the shop room of the applicant by the breaking the lock
of the doors and destroyed some valuable materials of the shop and also taken away most of the valuable goods. The applicant
immediately informed the i/c Haibargaon TOP about the said crime during the course of occurrence, but the i/c Haibargaon TOP
although came to the place of occurrence but, did not take any action against accused and, the valuable goods of the applicant have
been taken away by the accused persons in front of the i/c Haibargaon TOP. Then i/c Haibargaon TOP let the applicant know that said
Istak Uddin Hazarika has a decree in his favour declaring right title interest in favour of them hence, he can not interfere. The applicant
also produced the injunction order dated 25/05/2011 granted in favour of the applicant by the Civil Judge, Nagaon in M.J
Case No. 101/2010 (Annexure- 3), but, the i/c Haibargaon TOP returned without taking any action to prevent the crime. It is stated
that though a decree has been passed in favour of Istak Uddin Hazarika in T.S. No 16/2012 declaring right, title and interest in his
favour by the Civil Judge, Nagaon which has been obtained fraudulently and which is under challenge in T.S. No. 35/2013 and pending
for adjudication before the Ld.
Civil Judge, Nagaon but, the said Istak Uddin Hazarika and others have not filed any execution Case before the appropriate Court of law
for enforcement of the said decree and there is no order at all in favour of them to dispossess the applicant. As such, they can not dispossess
the application forcefully themselves without following any procedure established by law. But, due to unholy nexus of the i/c Haibargaon
TOP , they were allowed to dispossess the applicant from his shop room in spite of theinjunction order in his favour and also allowed
the accused persons illegally to took away the valuable goods from the applicant s shop room and destroy the same. Since then some
unknown person are residing inside the shop room of the applicant and they prevented the applicant from entering into the said room.
The applicant lodged an FIR at Haibargaon TOP immediately at the time of occurrence on 12/06/2013.

Copy of the said FIR dated 12/06/2013 bearing G.D.E No. 403
is annexed hereto and marked as Annexure- 13.
9. That the i/c Haibargaon Police Station in collusion with the aforesaid criminal persons restrained himself from taking action
against the illegal activities and offence of the criminals and to ensurebprotection of life and personal liberty as well as property of the
applicant and also extended all possible assistance directly and indirectly to the accused persons to dispossess the applicant and to took
away the valuable properties of the applicant illegally allowing to prevail lawlessness which caused undue hardship to the applicant
and seriously affected the livehood of the applicant due to dispossession of the applicant from his shop room without following any
procedure established by law.

10. That in the facts and circumstances as stated above your applicant is siffering from insecurity of his life and property due the
inaction of the police and it is therefore prayed that your honour would agraciously be pleased to enquire the matter and to taken
stern action against the aforesaid accused as well as the delinquent police officers and also to take necessary action for recovery
of the valuable property of the applicant which taken away by the aforesaid accused persons and their agents and to hand over the
same to to the applicant restoring his possession by driving out the unknown criminals who are illegally possession the shop room
of the applicant since 12/06/2013, by ensuring enforcement of the injunction order dated 25/05/2011 granted in favour of the applicant
by the Civil Judge, Nagaon in M.J Case No.101/2010 (Anneexure- 3) for the ends of Justice.

Name Of The Applicant -
Sri Krishna Paul.

Copy to
1.Superintendent of Police office.
2.Administration of Assam.
3.Human Rights Commission, Assasm.
4.Director General of Police, assam.
5.Department of Jusitce of India.
6.Central Information Commission.
7.Ministry of law and Justice.
8.National Human Rights Commission.

Yours faithfully
Sri Krishna Paul , son of Lt. Prankrishna Paul
Resident of M.D. Road, Haibargaon,
Mouza- Town, P.S.- Nagaon Sadar,
Dist- Nagaon, Assam.
Pin- 782002
Phone- 9864494808 (M)
Email- sanjoypl@imail.com
Please take necessary action against criminal.

Honourable, Govt,my complaint against land nafia and corrupt officers of nagaon,assam Name of land mafia(culprit) which are involved in this case, 1.Md.Istak uddin hazarika(son of Lt.Izzat uddin hazarika,Adrs-M.D Road Haibargaon,Nagaon,P/s Sadar,T.O.P Haibargaon,pin-782002) 2.Md.Riazuddin hazarika(son of Lt.Izzat uddin hazarika Address Same as Istak uddin hazarika) 3.Md.Mahibulhaq hazarika(son of Lt. Mazrulhaq hazarika,Address-Address Same as Istak uddin hazarika) 4.Haidar ali (Address- Bhuiyan Patty,Nagaon,p/s sadar pin-782001) 5.Nijam uddin(Address- Bhuiyan Patty,Nagaon,p/s sadar pin-782001) 6.Moon(Address- Bhuiyan Patty,Nagaon,p/s sadar pin-782001) and many others peoples,which are unknown.these people always violation all kind of rule and regulation,they also miss use political party and district administration. the land mafia grabbing my land 19.5 licha,which is already district and high court case running.they also harass me by police. I also complaint district administration about these land grabbers.But they did not helped to resolve my case. i had lodged complaint to deputy commissioner and superintendent of police by writing approve for recover my land from land mafia,but they ignore my complaint. I had lodged a pleader notice to director general of police by post about these land grabber case on 16/08/2012 and director general of police, notice to local administrator for investigation to all about my case, but district administration did not care about this honourable dgp notice. Ddeputy commissioner(nagaon) Superintendent of police officer(nagaon) and d.s.p(nagaon)no one take any action against land grabbers. some officers of circle office and revenue department also involved with these land grabbers(land mafia).civil advocate and many other officers also nexus with these land mafia. some lawyer mislead the district court. Mafia party also ask some ministers name on this case.
So I request to honourable, govt.. please kindly take necessary action against these kind of land mafia, corrupt officers and person those who mislead the district court.
sir, I need justice and take some action against these land mafia and corrupt officers every police officers and other land related department's officers involved with the mafia party, I have lots of evidence,and i'm legal.name and designation of officers involved in this case-
1. A.D.C, 'S R Bardhan' Revenue officer.2. Sub Inspector, 'Sanjib Das' Haibargaon TOP 3. A S I 'Talukdar' Hiabargaon TOP 3.Officer Cammandin(O/C), Jagadish Singha, Haibargaon TOP 4.NDA (Nagaon development Authority) 5.Circle dptt, And many officers involved in this case,(Nagaon district ,civil judge 'Sharmila Bhuiya), and district lawyer (Mukul Barthakur ) also involved in this case.
Sir, please help me..
I ahve all necessary evidence against all the culprit.

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Vinay Joshi signed On 2014-10-30 17:49:08
Yes, I support this petition.
Reshukukreja signed On 2014-07-14 23:29:46
Yes, I support this petition.
Ashish signed On 2014-07-11 12:34:29
Yes, I support this petition.
Ali signed On 2014-07-11 04:02:25
Yes, I support this petition.
Upendratiwari signed On 2013-10-10 18:04:20
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Ritu signed On 2013-07-05 17:55:01
Yes, I support this petition.

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