Visa & Visa Form Brazil

For the purpose of immigration to Brazil one may require a valid Visas, which is basically a permission granted by the Brazilian Government to enter into Brazil and stay therein.
The various types of visa that may be issued by the Brazilian Government for different purposes are as follows:
  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Business visa
  3. Seven categories of temporary visa
  4. Permanent Visa and
  5. Diplomatic Visa
This type of Visa can be issued to persons traveling to Brazil for pleasure or to visit friends or relatives, as long as the visitor has no intention to remain indefinitely in the country or engage in any paid activity. This type of Visa can also be issued to:
  1. individuals taking part in artistic events or athletic competitions for which there are no admission fees and no payment of appearance fee, prize money or any other monetary prize.
  2. short-term students, such as those attending language school or exchange programs with Brazilian institutions;
  3. scientists, professors, researchers attending cultural, technological or scientific seminars or conferences, as long as they do not receive payment or appearance fees from any Brazilian-based entity, except reimbursement of expenses or per diem allowances;
Visa Waiver
Citizens of the following countries do not need visas when traveling to Brazil for tourism purposes for a period of up to 90 days:
Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Namibia, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Surinam, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Vatican, Venezuela.
Required Documents
The documents that are required for this type of Visa:
For applying a visa one may require the following documents
  1. A Passport, valid for at least 6 (six) months and containing at least 2 (two) blank visa pages.
  2. One recent individual passport size photograph (2x2 inches), in color or black and white, front view, full face, taken against a light background.
  3. Application form duly filled-out (items 1 through 27) and signed, in the original; the Consulate will not accept forms sent by Fax.
  4. For children between the ages of 3 months to 6 years, certificate of vaccination against polio, stating type and dosage.
  5. For applicants under 18 years of age not traveling with both parents or legal guardian(s), a notarized letter of consent signed by parents or legal guardian(s) authorizing the applicant to travel to Brazil
  6. Whenever applicable (i.e., for participants in athletic competitions or performing arts events), copy of letter from sponsor/organizer with detailed information on the event as well as conditions of attendance.
  7. Photocopy of round-trip airline ticket, print-out of itinerary or letter from travel agent/airline confirming purchase of round-trip ticket, including dates of departure to and return from Brazil; for airline employees, photocopy of airline ID card;
Administrator, manager or director of a start-up company
Planned and recent start-up companies may apply for a maximum of three visas, essentially for the executives who will get the operation off the ground. The following conditions will apply:
  1. Proof that the non-Brazilian company has been in business outside of Brazil for at least five years;
  2. Power of attorney granted by the foreign investor to its new legal representatives for the purposes of setting up the company in Brazil;
  3. A visa of this type will be issued initially for two years. The applicant company must demonstrate that after this period it will be able to meet the minimum investment or job creation criteria laid down for transfers to an established company.
Documents required
The list of requirements to obtain a business visa:
  1. A passport valid for a minimum of six months from the date of intended arrival in Brazil.
  2. One Visa Application Form, provided by this Consulate, filled out, dated and signed by the holder of the passport. Please type or print.
  3. One passport-type photograph, in color or black and white, front view. Sorry, but snapshots and computer photos will NOT be accepted.
  4. Letter (on letterhead) from the applicant's employer, addressed to the Brazilian Consulate General, stating the employee's name and title, how long he/she has worked for the company. Please, state very clearly in the letter, the nature of the activities to be performed in Brazil, as well as the duration of stay. Applicants will be required to present additional information if deemed necessary.
  5. If the applicant is self-employed, an additional letter will be required from his/her bank, containing financial references.
  6. A Business Visa is good for multiple entries for the duration of the visa and travelers must enter Brazil within 90 days of the issuance of the visa. Each stay may not exceed 90 days, unless extended by immigration authorities in Brazil. The maximum stay allowed in the country with this type of visa is 180 days per calendar year.
Visa fee
A visa fee of USD 60.00 is required to be paid at the time of applying for Visa. There is an additional U$ 10.00 fee if the application if not presented in person by the holder of the passport.
This type of visa may be given by the Brazilian Government for the following:
  1. Scientists, professors, researchers, participants in cultural, technological or scientific missions. (services provided must not be paid for by a corporation or other legal entity based in Brazil, except for wages for services rendered, with the submission of a receipt);
  2. Scientists, technicians, researchers or volunteers under the umbrella of an international cooperation program;
  3. Interns and other unpaid trainees, bearers of scholarships receiving professional practice in Brazil;
  4. Exchange students;
  5. Technicians receiving training in the operation and maintenance of machinery or equipment produced in Brazil;
  6. Amateur athletes, under 21 year old, participating in training programs in Brazil.
The temporary visa type II may be issued for one of the following purposes:
  1. Travelers with business purposes, except when the trip involves the provision of services of any nature in Brazil (in which case a Vitem V is mandatory). Business visas are issued to business travelers who possess signed import/export contracts or who are traveling to visit companies or make commercial contacts;
  2. Media coverage or filming;
  3. Flight/ship crew members not holding an international crew card. and
  4. Adoption of a Brazilian child.
This visa type is meant for the paid participation in athletic or performing arts events.
This visa is issued by the Government of Brazil for the student pursuing graduate or post-graduate academic studies in Brazil.
This type of visa can be issued to persons who travel to Brazil to work and/or perform any services under contract, including scientists, researchers, technicians or professionals, such as those individuals:
  1. providing services of any kind to the Brazilian Government, particularly those arising from international agreements to which Brazil is a party;
  2. contracted by a company/corporation or other entity based in Brazil to work in the country;
  3. providing services or technical assistance, including volunteer work, to charitable or religious entities, without a work contract or employment relationship with a corporation or entity based in Brazil;
  4. providing technical assistance services arising from a contract, cooperation agreement or similar instrument signed with a foreign corporation or other legal entity;
  5. undertaking professional training, without a formal employment relationship, immediately after the completion of university or professional/vocational studies;
  6. enrolled in medical residency programs at educational institution/hospital duly accredited by the Ministry of Education;
  7. employed by a foreign company and sent to work in Brazil, as trainees or interns, at a subsidiary or branch of the foreign company, provided that they are paid exclusively outside Brazil by the foreign company;
  8. who are foreign instructors or professors traveling to Brazil to teach foreign languages;
  9. who are crewmembers of foreign vessels having to operate in Brazilian territorial waters as required under a charter, service or risk contract with a Brazilian company;
  10. who are crewmembers of fishing vessels leased by a Brazilian company;
  11. who are crewmembers or other professionals performing paid activities aboard cruise ships along the Brazilian coastline, the Amazon river basin or other inland waterways.
Work visa applications must be submitted directly to the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment by the sponsoring institution or company in Brazil. For all other cases, the consulate can only process applications once the proper authorization is received from Brazil.
Temporary-V visas are generally valid for a maximum of 2 years.
Documents Required
Once proper authorization from the brazilian ministry of labor and employment or other appropriate regulatory body is obtained:
  1. A valid passport showing at least six months validity from the date of intended arrival in Brazil and containing at least 2 (two) blank visa pages.
  2. Two passport-type photographs, in color or black and white, front view.
  3. Two Visa Application Forms, completely filled out, provided by this Consulate, typed or printed, dated and signed by the holder of the passport.
  4. Proof of residence within the jurisdiction of the Consulate-General in San Francisco for the past 12 months.
  5. Recent non-criminal record certificate issued by applicant's local Police Department.
  6. Yellow fever vaccinations are required for travelers who have visited in the past 90 days or will visit one of these countries before entering Brazil: Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, French Guiana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Venezuela.
  7. Applicants traveling to Brazil to provide services or technical assistance, including volunteer work, to charitable or religious entities, without a work contract or employment relationship with the Brazilian-based entity/corporation, must submit the following additional documents:
    1. a letter of invitation from the Brazilian entity inviting applicant to perform volunteer work in the country.
    2. a letter from the entity specifying the place and condition of the volunteer work to be performed by the applicant.
    3. a letter from the Brazilian entity assuming responsibility for all maintenance expenses associated with applicant's stay in Brazil as well as his repatriation to his/her country of origin upon the termination of his work/mission in Brazil.
    4. copy of a health insurance policy, valid in Brazil, on behalf of applicant.
    5. an official document from sponsoring entity in Brazil (such as statute, founding charter, etc.) as well as proof of the entity's registration with the competent regulatory body (Conselho de Assistência Social Nacional, Estadual, do Distrito Federal ou Municipal ).
    6. proof that the inviting entity in Brazil is in business and functioning.
Visa Fee
The fee for a Temporary-V visa is $ 100.00. There is a $10.00 fee if the application is not presented in person by the holder of the passport.
This type of visa are issued to the Media correspondents who wish to come to Brazil.
Any person wishing to travel for religious/missionary purposes to Brazil may first have to obtain a temporary visa type VII.
The permanent visas are issued to a person for the following purposes
  1. Family reunion;
  2. Transfer of residence following retirement;
  3. Personal investment in Brazil;
  4. Intra-company transferees to work as managers, directors, or executives;
  5. Job offer at a Brazilian research, scientific, or academic organization based on field of expertise;
  6. Manager or director of a religious or social assistance organization.
A foreigner who intends to remain permanently in Brazil and will invest foreign funds in productive activities, so absorbing or training specialized labor. This category was planned for those foreigners who wish to invest funds (minimum of US$ 50,000) in any kind of productive activity in Brazil. This kind of permanent visa is issued conditionally for five years. Before this period ends, the foreigner must show to the Federal Police that he accomplished with his plan of absorption of Brazilian employees and his investment plan so his visa can be re-validated.
The applicant must supply:
  1. A document from a Brazilian research institution manifesting its interest in the services of the researcher;
  2. A curriculum vitae and appropriate academic references and diplomas.
Marriage with a Brazilian citizen
This case is covered by a resolution of the National Immigration Council. A permanent residence visa is granted to foreigners married to Brazilian citizens. Application is made to the Ministry of Justice (normally via regional Federal Police offices, which represent the ministry at a State level) or to a Brazilian consulate abroad. Evidence (e.g. marriage certificate, statement from witnesses) should be presented of the matrimonial union. Immigration officials will effect a surprise visit to the couple's home to make sure that the relationship is not a "marriage of convenience" that has the principal purpose of fraudulently obtaining a residence visa.
Foreigner with Brazilian Offspring
This case is covered by a resolution of the National Immigration Council. A permanent visa is traditionally granted to the foreign parent or parents of a Brazilian child. Application is made to the Ministry of Justice (normally via regional Federal Police offices, which represent the ministry at a State level) or to a Brazilian consulate abroad. The offspring should be economically dependent on the foreign mother or father and be under the guardianship of the applicant.
Immigration to Brazil could be tough and lengthy process if you are not familiar with the laws and regulations. It is further complicated by the fact that the immigration authorities in Brazil barely speak English and all instructions are in Portuguese.
If you plan to immigrate to Brazil you may wish to contact us for consultation where we'd be able to provide with professional advice on your chances and opportunities and explain in great details the necessary steps to be taken.
A retired foreigner, over 50, who will transfer to Brazil the monthly equivalent of at least US$ 2,000. There is no limit to the number of dependents who may also receive permanent residence visas, but the main applicant must provide proof that they are genuine dependent relatives, as defined in Brazilian law- see Res. 4 of the CNI (National Immigration Council).
The main applicant must prove he has a pension of at least US$ 2,000 a month. This will entitle him to visas for himself and two dependents. The applicant must demonstrate an additional US$ 1,000/month for each additional dependent, over and above the two already mentioned, and must supply, amongst other things:
  1. A statement from the foreign agency responsible for paying his retirement pension, informing the total monthly sum of the benefit;
  2. A bank declaration authorizing monthly transfer of at least US$ 2,000.
A diplomatic or official mission visas are issued to diplomats or officials wishing to come to Brazil on official tour send by their government.