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Rediffmail is a well known social domain which was launched in India in 1996.

This social site provides a platform for Rediffmail mail service and Rediffmail shopping to its users as well. In 2007 the next most updated platform of Reddifmail was a share for its users.

What is the use of Rediffmail?

Rediffmail offers to its users the most highly powerful features like multiple ids of one person, latest POP3 access, bigger storage, large 10Mb attachments data saving limit, and also anywhere web access and also virus scan that help to its users to get rid of any social media problem.

Rediffmail is a very fast social media account that provides large data.

How to create Rediffmail Id?

If you have not Rediffmail account and you are willing to have this Rediffmail account?

  • You just need to do go to and click on sign up Rediffmail button.

  • rediffmail-signup

  • Click on the username and password bar and type username and password and click on other inters button to fill it.
  • Click on the other information that the site needs and fill it and then click on the Next button at the end of the page.

Is Rediffmail safe?

Rediffmail is the best web-based email to use for everyone in a very secure way. But in some conditions, it seems not secure in different ways.

Rediffmail is a huge cloud base web email application that secures your all data in the clouds. But the developers are reaching the new version to get rid of this problem.

Rediffmail free to use

Rediffmail is a free social email service to store unlimited data of your work. Rediffmail has large free space for its users along with an advanced search for emails and attachments.

Rediffmail also provides the availability of auto-completion of email addresses.

Rediffmail mobile app

Rediffmail social web email also available in the play store for you can easily download for your use.

To enjoy a great experience you can now use Rediffmail Android app and Rediffmail IOS app. Whether you are in the office or any other place, you can just use it on your mobile to get connect with anyone from anywhere.

How to deactivate the Rediffmail account permanently?

  • To deactivate your Rediffmail account you just go into your Rediffmail account.
  • Click on inbox to check your all messages and also then tap on the delete button.
  • Your Rediffmail account will delete permanently after the process of three months.
  • After this process, if you will try to get login into Rediffmail then during this period, your Rediffmail account will not be deleted permanently.

How to recover your Rediffmail account's password

If you forgot your Rediffmail account’s password, just go into your Rediffmail page.

  • Click on the username and type the username and password and click on the login button.
  • Your Rediffmail account will not get a login and now you will click on the forgot password button.
  • Click on the given alternate email and type the given Id and go into that email inbox and click on the given link to get verify your Rediffmail account.
  • Now reset your password and retype the password and click on the Next button.
  • This will takes you into your Rediffmail account.
  • Now you can easily use and enjoy your Rediffmail account.

Features of Rediffmail

Rediffmail gives you:

  • 5 email Ids with: Your Rediffmail account provides you 5 email Ids to its users.
  • 1 GB storage with: You can et 200 MB of storage per email address and more then you can get other free email services.
  • POP 3 access: You can avail of Rediffmail mail on Express, Netscape, and Eudora.
  • Pull other mails: You can also make your Rediffmail to your primary account and pull you on other mail from POP accounts.
  • Flexible: This Rediffmail provides total storage of 1GB among the 5 mail Ids as you like this, anytime you want.
  • Anywhere web access: Rediffmail can be accessed even you bare also away from your office.
  • 10 MB attachments: The Rediffmail id provides 10MB attachments to its users as well you can get fast-tracking.
  • F-secure virus protection: The Rediffmail protects your computer and a facility to have the best option when uploading or downloading while using webmail.

Useful Rediffmail

Rediffmail has the best option to send SMS on any mobile from anywhere.

For this purpose, you need to get an Internet package of at least 100 SMS.

Rediffmail is a free web email with the use of fast and easy mode in a while. Rediffmail has several features like drag and drops mails, instant scan, quick attach, and mail search.

Check out all feaures of Rediffmail and have fun with its latest and best features. You can also customize this email id for your business. Users can also set SMS alerts for notification for important coming emails.

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