Consumer Rights- How And Where To File Complaints South Africa


Provincial Consumer Affairs Offices exist in all 9 provinces to provide consumers with protection, education, information and advice. These Offices handle complaints in relation to consumer protection legislation. These offices further encourage the participation of communities in consumer issues and other consumer related matters that have impact on the provinces. Each province has drafted and/or enacted consumer protection legislation allowing for the appointment of a consumer protector and the establishment of a Consumer Court. The role of the consumer protector is to investigate unfair business practices within the provinces, and to present cases before the provincial consumer court. The consumer courts are administrative tribunals with specific powers to adjudicate over cases of unfair business practices.

Contact details of offices where complaints can be filed in respect of Banks, Micro Lenders, Finance Charges, Credit Bureau, Furniture Retailers, Builders, Vehicles Purchase & Unfair Competition

Banking Adjudicator,Johannesburg.
PHONE: 086 0800 900 or call 011 838 0035.
Provincial Consumer Affairs Offices in your Province could also assist
you to present your case to the Banking Adjudicator (fax: +27 (11) 838-0043,


The dti only deals with micro lenders that are not registered with the Micro Finance Regulatory Council (MFRC). If the micro lender is registered the MFRC deals with it.MFRC Toll Free number is 0860 100 406. The MFRC is based in Johannesburg.
For unregistered micro lenders, contact the dti at 0861 843 384.
The MFRC was set up to control registered micro lenders in the micro lending industry in South Africa. The MFRC also protects the rights of consumers when taking loans from micro lenders. This Council has gained the powers to do so in terms of the Exemption Notice of of the Usury Act, 1968 from law created by Minister of Trade and Industry.
The main purpose of setting up the MFRC was to make sure that all micro lenders register with the MFRC, and act lawfully in terms of its rules and ensure protection of the general public. The MFRC performs the following functions:
    1. The registration and accreditation of micro money lenders with the council, in accordance with the accreditation criteria approved by the Minister of the dti. The Compliance Department ensures that all accredited money lenders are acting legally and are complying with the Usury Act Exemption Notice and the Council's rules. The Complaints and Enforcement Unit handles complaints lodge by consumers. Last mentioned Unit conducts inspections of accredited lenders and enforce the Exemption Notice and the Council's rules.
    2. The Education and Communication Division educates, informs and communicates with borrowers, lenders and all members of the public on the MFRC, its functions and roles.


The CCRD provides information concerning the maximum finance charge rates on the Usury Act, 1968.
PHONE: 0861 843 384 for the latest information.

BLACK LISTING BY CREDIT BUREAU'SComplaints about Credit bureau's are businesses that record the credit transactions and payment history of individual consumers. If you have any dispute with a credit bureau about the accuracy of information in their files you can contact the Credit Bureau Association to investigate the matter.
Credit Bureau Association tel: +27 (11) 886-8519, Fax: +27 (11) 789-6080.

Consumers should note that negative information about them can only be removed under the following circumstances:

  1. When recorded information is incorrect and has been proved to be so. When the set time period has expired, (3 or 5 years) When judgement has been reversed in court.
  2. On the instruction from the company that requested the listing.


The appropriate Association that can assist you is the Furniture Traders Association which is based in Johannesburg.
The Furniture Traders Association tel: +27 (11) 789-6770,Fax: +27 (11) 789-6645,


The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) is the appropriate body to deal with complaints against defined defects. NHBRC is responsible for protecting consumers in terms of the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act, 1998 (Act No. 95 of 1998).
Their offices are based in Johannesburg,
PHONE: +27 (11) 348-5700, fax: +27 (11) 789-2902 / 285-4101.


Specific consumer complaints are handled by Consumer Provincial Offices..


This matter should be reported to the Retail Motor Industry Organisation
PHONE+27 (11) 789-2542 or +27 (12) 348-9311, Fax: +27 (11) 789-4525.
Website at:


The Competition Commission deals with, amongst other things, mergers, and abuse of a dominant position in the industry as well as practices that restrict competition.
PHONE: + 27 (12) 482-9000, fax: +27 (12) 482-9003
Website at:
Eastern Cape
+27 (40) 609-3052
+27 (40) 609-3231
Free State
+27 (51) 403-3616
+27 (51) 403-3437
+27 (11) 355-8117
+27 (11) 355-3017
+27 (31) 310-5310
+27 (31) 310-5416
+27 (15) 298-7071
+27 (15) 295-8750
+27 (13) 752-3761/5
+27 (13) 752-3729
North West
+27 (18) 389-5046
+27 (18) 889-5636
Northern Cape
+27 (53) 832-2566/7
+27 (53) 832-2564
Western Cape
+27 (21) 483-4235
+27 (21) 483-3483