Adoption Law Taiwan

  1. The Children's Bureau, Ministry of Interior is the authority to issue permission.
  2. The articles of law relating to adoption in Taiwan are found in the Civil Code.


  1. A single parent may adopt a child in Taiwan. The adoptive parent must be at least twenty years older than the person being adopted.
  2. If there are two adoptive parents then both must be at least twenty years older than the person being adopted.
  1. The following documents are required:
    1. Home study;
    2. Taiwan household registration of the child;
    3. Certified statement from the adoptive parent(s) to claim under which provision of law of the country the child is being adopted;
    4. Notarized contract between the biological parent(s) and adoptive parent(s);
    5. Power of Attorney (if the adoptive parents will not appear).
  1. An application for adoption is first submitted to the Taiwan Supreme Court which designates an office of the Taiwan District Court to process the adoption.
  2. This step takes four to eight weeks. Which is the waiting period for adoption.
  3. Thereafter the adoptive parent(s) or a designated representative will receive a notice to appear before the District Court.
  4. During the waiting period, a Taiwan social worker from the local bureau of the social affairs or a designated agency will interview the prospective adoptive parent(s) or review the home study.
  5. The court will rule on the adoption within two or three months and publish a final ruling one-week later.
  6. The third step is to register the adoption at the Taiwan Registrar's office submitting
    1. the original court ruling,
    2. final ruling, and
    3. the power of attorney certified at the Taiwan Foreign Affairs Police Station at the Taiwan Registrar's office.
  7. This usually takes only one hour.
  8. All of the original documents from the must be notarized by a the consulate office and the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) and must be translated into Chinese.
  9. Persons wishing to adopt a child in Taiwan should follow through and complete adoption procedures in Taiwan and obtain a Taiwan travel document for the child.
  10. Without the completed adoption and travel documents in order, it is illegal to take the child out of Taiwan.
  11. It is generally faster for the child to obtain a Taiwan passport through the biological parent(s) before the adoption in order to prevent additional delay cause by different spellings of the child's name.
  12. Adoptive parent(s) can apply for a Taiwan passport for the child at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by submitting
    1. the household registration, and,
    2. if the adoptive parent(s) are not going to appear, the guardian's passport and power of attorney.

The adoption may also be carried out by the adoption agencies in the country through placement.

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