Marriage Law Connecticut

No man may marry his
  1. mother,
  2. grandmother,
  3. daughter,
  4. granddaughter,
  5. sister,
  6. aunt,
  7. niece,
  8. stepmother or
  9. stepdaughter
No woman may marry her
  1. father,
  2. grandfather,
  3. son,
  4. grandson,
  5. brother,
  6. uncle,
  7. nephew,
  8. stepfather or stepson.
  1. Blood Test: Test for venereal disease and rubella prerequisite.
  2. Age: The boy and girl wishing to marry shall be at least eighteen years of age.
  3. Residence: The person wishing to marry does not require any residence.
  4. Premarital Certificate
  5. Identity Proof: Driving License, Valid passport
  6. Social Security Number
  1. No license may be issued to any applicant under sixteen years of age, unless the judge of probate for the district in which the minor resides endorses his written consent on the license.
  2. No license may be issued to any applicant under eighteen years of age, unless the written consent of a parent or guardian of the person of such minor, signed and acknowledged before a person authorized to take acknowledgments of conveyances.
  3. If no parent or guardian of the person of such minor is a resident of the United States, the written consent of the judge of probate for the district in which the minor resides, endorsed on the license, shall be sufficient.
  1. The State Health Department issues the Premarital Certificate. The certificate form is available at the department.
  2. The person applying for the certificate must have done the blood tests and obtained the report of the laboratory signed by the laboratorian.
  3. The premarital certificate has then been submitted to the health care provider of the applicant for review and signature under Statement II.
  4. The certificate shall contain the complete name as it appears on the birth certificate unless it has been legally changed.
  5. The completed premarital certificate that will present to the town clerk of the town in which the applicant has applied for the marriage license.
  6. The license so issued is valid for 65 days.
  7. The license can only be used within the State of Connecticut.
Exact Name
  1. For the marriage license, give the physician your complete name without abbreviations or initials as it appears on your birth certificate unless it has been legally changed.
Return Visit
  1. The person applying for the premarital certificate must be notified by their physician after the results are received.
  2. You must return to the office and sign the Premarital Certificate in the physician's presence and at that time the results will be explained to you.
  3. It is this Premarital Certificate you will present to the Town Clerk of the town in which you plan to marry when you apply for your marriage license.
  4. Each person must appear with his/her premarital certificate before the marriage license can be issued.
When all the above formalities are met out the town clerk will issue a marriage license to the applicants.
Waiting Period: No waiting period.
A fee of $35 is to be paid in cash at the time of applying for the marriage license.
A marriage ceremony may be performed in this State by:
  1. any official of a religious order or body authorized by the rules and customs of that order or body to perform a marriage ceremony;
  2. any clerk; or
  3. any deputy clerk designated by the county administrative judge of the circuit court for the county.
  1. After obtaining the license the above person authorized to solemnize a marrige may be contacted.
  2. The marriage may be solemnized and recorded in the registry of the person solemnizing the marriage.
  3. After the ceremony is over the applicants shall fill the marriage certificate form and get authenticated by the solemnizing authority in presence of two witnesses and then returned to the same clerk's office.
Non-Residents Marrying in Connecticut
  1. The laboratory tests must be performed by the State Health Department Laboratory of the state in which the applicant resides
  2. Blood tests performed in foreign countries other than Canada are not valid.
  3. Premarital Certificate - Premarital certificates of other states are accepted only if the other state has a comparable law.