Civil Law

Civil Law

The Indian Legal System has adopted the principle that whenever an Indian citizen’s rights are curtailed or infringed, the matter is adjudicated and rights compensated or restored by filing a Civil Suit. Civil Law includes non-criminal issues, depending on the pecuniary value, subject matter and local limitations, the determination of the extent of judiciary takes place. Civil lawyers appear before various courts in India namely District Court, High Court, Supreme Court, Consumer Disputes Forum, Central Administrative Tribunal, and Appellate Tribunals for Electricity, Telecom Disputes Settlement, Company Law Board, Competition Appellate Tribunal, Customs and Excise Tribunals and more.

Civil Law deals with various aspects that are related to Family Law, Constitutional Law, Service Law, Company Law, Insolvency, Banking and Finance Law, Recovery Suit, Consumer Law, Property Suit, Wills and Probate, Disputes Related to Agreements /Contracts, Tax Laws, Labour and Employment Laws and Enforcement of Decrees.

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