Criminal Law

Criminal Law

All offences criminal in nature directed against any individual or state are dealt under Criminal law. Crimes caused by the infliction of injuries by human conduct on individuals and establishments are strictly dealt with under this law. The purpose of this branch of law is not only to safeguard the life and liberty of the people, but also to maintain harmony within the society at large.

Criminal offences that is bailable and non bailable offences, cognizable and non cognizable offences, murder, theft, rape, rash and negligent driving, kidnapping, abduction, anti national activities, atrocities against woman and children, terrorist activities, food adulteration activities, prevention of corruption act, narcotics etc. are dealt under this branch of law.

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An appeal from the District Courts can be filed in the High Court and Supreme Court:

Delhi High Court
Sher Shah Suri Gate
Mathura Road
Atul Grove Road
Bapa Nagar, India Gate,
New Delhi, India 110003

The Supreme Court of India
Bhagwan Das Road,
New Delhi,
India, 110001