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Year : 1897

[Act, No. 14 of 1897]
[22nd July, 1897]


An Act to facilitate the citation of certain Acts.

WHEREAS it is expedient to facilitate the citation of certain Acts; It is hereby enacted as follows:-

Section -1 Title

(1) This Act may be called the Indian Short Titles Act, 1897; [The word "and" at the end of sub-section (1), and sub-section (2), rep. by Act 10 of 1914, s.3 and Schedule II]

[The word "and" at the end of sub-section (1), and sub-section (2), rep .by Act 10 of 1914, s.3 and Schedule II.]

Section -2 Citation of Acts described in Schedule

Each of the Acts described in the first three columns of the Schedule may, without prejudice to any other mode of citation, be cited for all purposes by the short title mentioned in that behalf in the fourth column thereof.

[The Acts subsequently repealed are set-out in the table at the end.]


 No   Subject  Short title
Concerning the allowance  of interest in certain cases.The Interest Act, 1839.
1841 XPrescribing the Rules to be observed in order that ships or vessels belonging to ports within the territories under the Government of the East India Company, or belonging to Native Princes or States or their subjects, may become entitled to the privileges of British ships under a proclamation of the Governor General of India in Council made in pursuance of the Statute 3rd and 4th Victoria, ch. 56.
The Indian Registration of Ships Act, 1841.
1848 XVForbidding trading by the Officers of the Supreme Courts.The Supreme Courts' Officers Trading Act,1848.
1850 XIAmending Act X, 1841.The Indian Registration of Ships Act (1841) Amendment Act, 1850.
 XIIProviding for avoiding loss by the default of Public Accountants.The Public Accountants' Defaults Act,1850
 XVIIIProviding for the protection of Judicial OfficersThe Judicial Officers'
Protection Act,
 XIXConcerning the binding of Apprentices.The Apprentices Act, 1850.
Extending the principle of section 9, Regulation VIII, 1832, of the Bengal Code throughout the territories subject to the Government of the East India Company.The Caste Disabilities Removal Act, 1850.
Enabling Government to levy Tolls on Public Roads and Bridges.The Indian Tolls Act, 1851.
Providing for the remuneration of the Sheriffs of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay for the execution of Mufassal Process under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1882, and the Code of Civil Procedure.
The Sheriffs' Fees Act, 1852.
Enabling Executors, Administrators or Representatives to sue and be sued for certain wrongs
The Legal Representatives' Suits Act, 1855.
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