Status of live in relationships in India

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In India marriage has always been considered a sacrament. The husband and wife are considered as one in the eyes of law. The legal consequences of marriage that follow add to the sanctity of this relationship. Marriage legally entitles both the persons to cohabit; the children born out of a legal wedlock are the legitimate children of the couple; the wife is entitled to maintenance during the subsistence of marriage and even after the dissolution of marriage and many more.

The benefits of marriage come with a lot of responsibilities. The marital obligations towards the spouse, towards the family, towards the children and towards the marital house are an inseparable part of the Indian marriage. To avoid the obligations of a traditional marriage and on the other hand to enjoy the benefit of cohabiting together, the concept of live in relation has come into picture. Live in relationships provide for a life free from responsibility and commitment which is an essential element of marriage. The concept of live in relationships is not new to the Indian society, the only difference is that earlier people were hesitant in declaring their status may be due to the fear of the society but now the people are openly in this kind of relationship. 

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