Ashwin Vasudev Bhai Trivedi

Ashwin Vasudev Bhai Trivedi

Gandhinagar, India

Advocate Ashwin Vasudev has been practicing and handling cases independently with a result-oriented approach, has now acquired many years of professional experience in providing legal consultancy and advisory services.

Years of ​ Experience: 26 Years
Highest Education: LLB
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Ashwin is a hardworking lawyer with strong academic credentials who is committed to provide complete best legal solution clients and safeguarding their interest. He has been practicing in the courts and other legal forums in Gandhinagar for past 26 years.

He  undertake legal matters related to Civil and Criminal Litigation, Family Law, Labor Law, Corporate disputes,  Cheque Dishonor Cases, Registration Work, Liaising Work, Property and Inheritance dispute and also holds expertise in drafting any agreement or contract.



Ashwin Vasudev Bhai Trivedi is a well-dignified lawyer in the city, who is sincere & committed towards his profession. His legal experience helps him provide the right legal solution to each client, mentioned below are his legal expertise.

  • Arbitration


  • Civil & Criminal Litigation

    Civil & Criminal Litigation

  • Family Law

    Family Law

  • Real Estate & Property Matters

    Real Estate & Property Matters


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