About India Entry Strategy Application

India Entry Strategy application is a specialized free tool - a do-it-yourself program to obtain a customized blue print for India Entry along with the estimated budgets and the recurring costs of doing business in India. This has been developed by a team of professionals including Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries with more than 40 years of cumulative experience in India Entry operations. It's the team which has worked with businesses in different Industry domains get their first footprint in India.


Using this sophisticated too, you will get:

  • Pre Incorporation Regulatory Compliances & processes
  • Post incorporation compliances
  • The estimated budgets for the first two years of your India operations & their timelines.

Using it is very simple & easy:

  • Select the type of entity you want to form in India - form an LLC, looking for a partner business or acquire an existing business in India
  • Key in the basic details like your business ownership data.
  • Click on the submit button to get your report.

How it benefits you:

The India Entry Strategy report will be your step by step guide to estimate the cost of doing business in India. This report will contain the data pertaining to all regulatory compliances along with their estimated costing. All of the above with no cost obligations!

India Entry Strategy report will be your customized plan for setting up your footprints in India. What you will get is a meticulously crafted Planning Document with estimated costing, timelines & the compliances specific to your sector, which you can even use for your boardroom meeting confidently to evaluate your business plan. Use it to get a blueprint for your business India Entry with no cost obligation!