Devendra Singh Mahalana

Devendra Singh Mahalana

Jodhpur, India

Devendra Singh Mahalana  has an result-oriented approach contributing to it through hard work, innovation and enthusiasm, towards his role in particular and the overall benefit of the clients. He is having experience of 20+yrs and achieve excellence in the field of activity to serve the society better.

Years of ​ Experience: 20 Years
Highest Education: LL.B
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He is hard working innovative and enthusiastic , towards his role in particular and the overall benefit of the clients with major areas. He has completed his LLB. He has also assisted two Year Principal Lawyer cum Standing Counsel for Education Department, Government of Rajasthan

He has been fortunate to earn the confidence and trust of his clients. His approach and the results deliver excellent quality & attract large and major corporate, institutional, and individual clients Civil Matters, Criminal Matters, Writ, Arbitration, Consumer Matters, N.I Act & N.B.F.C Matters, MACT Matters etc.



Devendra Singh is a reputed lawyer who helps to build goodwill with his clients & below are his practice areas.

  • Arbitration


  • Civil & Criminal Litigation

    Civil & Criminal Litigation

  • Dispute Resolution

    Dispute Resolution

  • Insolvency & Bankruptcy

    Insolvency & Bankruptcy


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