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  • Contact Person Name : Kailash Trilochun
  • Establishment year : 2001
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
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Trilochun Chambers is a law firm which aims to provide a unique service based on an extensive knowledge of key industry sectors and legal practice to a wide spectrum of international private clients, as well as multinational corporations. The firm has expertise in the field of civil, criminal and commercial disputes and offers legal help in a wide range of Areas of Practice.


Area of Practice

Medical Malpractice
Labor/Labor Law
Legal MalPractice
Medical Malpractice
Motor Vehicles Accidents - Plaintiff
Personal Injury - Defense
Personal Injury - Plaintiff
Sexual Harassment
Transportaion Violation
Wrongful Death
Accident & Injuries
Car Accident
Civil Right
Criminal Law
Health and Health Care Law
Internet- Cyberspace Law
Litigation and Appeals
Mediation and Collaboration Law
Immigration Law

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Principal Contact: Kailash Trilochun
Education: LLB Hons. from University of Hertfordshire.
Specialization: Criminal, Personal, Immigration, Labour and Investment etc.

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