• Contact Person Name : Carlos Mostajo
  • Establishment year : 1957
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
  • Affiliation : MERITAS - Law Firms Worldwide

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Mostajo Sociedad Civil - Law Firm, is a law office and its work has always been guided to advise and provide legal services to national and foreign companies. During its existence, the Law Firm has constituted, merged, transformed and/or dissolved thousands of companies in Bolivia and has established many foreign branches of companies and several offices of foreign companies, many of them were conducted by members of the Legal Firm as directors.
The relationship between members of the Firm with authorities of different governments in Bolivia, congress members and magistrates of the Judicial Power, allowed them to have access to the highest levels in the State for diligently dispatching the legal matters. The Law Firm has participated in negotiations of multinational entities and in high level meetings throughout the world.
Members of the Law Firm have had active participation in the process of transformation of the Bolivian economy, contributing to change the structure of the country; they have written many articles in national newspapers as well as in foreign magazines, its members have set up suggestions to the Powers of State continuously in order to improve legal rules; then have prepared various projects of important laws which have been promulgated in Bolivia.
In commercial, corporative, stock market, tributary, hydrocarbons, electricity, mining, telecommunications, transport, administrative, bank and social law areas, its presence has been permanent and notorious. The Legal Firm has a wide experience in litigation, constitutional resources and arbitration, areas in which the Law Firm is highly pondered for its seriousness, responsibility and reliability.


Area of Practice

Business and Commercial
Government Contract
Military Law
Social Security - Disability
State Local & Municipal Law
Business and Commercial
Family Planning
Estate Planning
Real Estate
Land Uses and Zoning
Probate and Estate Administrative
Medical Malpractice
Labor/Labor Law
Legal MalPractice
Medical Malpractice
Motor Vehicles Accidents - Plaintiff
Personal Injury - Defense
Personal Injury - Plaintiff
Sexual Harassment
Transportaion Violation
Wrongful Death
Accident & Injuries
Car Accident
Civil Right
Criminal Law
Health and Health Care Law
Internet- Cyberspace Law
Litigation and Appeals
Mediation and Collaboration Law
Immigration Law

Lawyer's Profile


Name: Mr. Carlos Mostajo


Economics 1987 - 1990 Universidad Católica Boliviana, La Paz, Bolivia
Law 1991 - 1996 Universidad Católica Boliviana, La Paz, Bolivia


Commercial, Civil, Corporative, Hydrocarbons, Electricity, Administrative, Regulatory Sector, Arbitration and Litigation.


M.D. in Market, Industry and Economy of Natural Gas & Oil, 2006, Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Member of the Bar Association in La Paz and Member of the Bar Association in Bolivia Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law M.D. Professor
Advisor for the Bolivian Senate
Director of the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bolivia
Director of several Bolivian private companies
Founder Member of Taxes Science National Academy

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