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  • Contact Person Name : Gursel Ongoren
  • Establishment year : 1998
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
  • Affiliation : Ongoren Law Office offers a wide range of legal consultancy and service to domestic and international business, financial organisations and ,individuals throughout Turkey as well as outside of Turkey. Ongoren works with Grata Law Firm which has offices in Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atsana, Aktobe, Atyrau, Aktan, Aksai), Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Azerbaijan (Baku), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), UK (London) and Arzinger and Partners Law Firm which has offices in Germany (Berlin), Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk), Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, the USA with a cooperation agreement. The firm�s aim is providing legal services in an attorney �client relationship which is private at global standarts in the aspect of professional and ethical rules.

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Ongoren Law Office offers advocacy and legal consultancy services in its expertise areas to local and international companies, institutions as well as persons under the directorship of Prof. Dr. Gursel Ongoren since 1998.

Our office provides advocacy services and follows law suits by its solution and business partners composed of lecturers from the universities and experienced lawyers in specific expertise areas; Administrative Law, Law on Land Development, Planning and Control, Taw Law, Law on Protection of Cultural and Natural Property, Energy Law and Real Estate Law, Company Law-Commercial Law.

Our law office conducts law suits in a constant counselling relationship provided by the university law lecturers and other experts in Rent Law, Contract Law, Company Law, Intellectual Property and Art Law and Debt Recovery.

Besides, under the name of Constant Legal Consultancy Services, our law office offers services in the scope of our expertise areas to companies and institutions such as providing legal opinion in a verbal or writing form, answering legal questions, examining or preparing contracts to become party to.

Ongoren Law Office is a boutique law firm which adopts as a principle to offer a creative and solution oriented legal services in an academic discipline.


Area of Practice

Alternate Dispute Resolution
Antitrust and Trade Regulation
Banking and Finance
Business and Commercial
Civil Right
Estate Planning
Family Planning
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Internet - Cyberspace Law
Labor Law
Land Uses and Zoning
Legal Malpractice
Litigation and Appeals
Mediation and Collaboration Law
Real Estate
Securities Law
Entertainment Sports & Leisure Law
Probate and Estate Administrative
TrustState Local and Municipal Law

Lawyer's Profile


Prof. Dr. Gürsel ÖNGÖREN
(Founder Partner/Senior Legal Counsel)

Istanbul Bar (1985)
He has established website for furnishing information and resources to lawyers, directed Legal Database Project in the High Court between the years 2001-2003. He is still charged in Istanbul Aydın University.

Education: Faculty of Law, University of Istanbul (1982), Faculty of Political Science, University of Istanbul Masters in Public Administration (1987), Faculty of Political Science, University of Istanbul PhD in Public Administration (1989), Faculty of Law, University of Kocaeli Professor of Administrative Law (1996)

Practice Area: : Administrative Law, Communication & Media Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Law on land development & planning and control, Tax Law, Contract Law

Foreign Language: English

Phone: +90 212 292 56 23


Prof. Dr. Gürsel ÖNGÖREN


Zoning Plans, Applications And Actions For Nullity
Prof.Dr. Gürsel ÖNGÖREN – Prof.Dr. İlker ÇOLAK
Ongoren Publications, Istanbul

Legislation of Administrative and Tax Proceedings
Prof.Dr. Gürsel ÖNGÖREN

MUSIC WORKS In Terms of Turkish Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works
Prof.Dr. Gürsel ÖNGÖREN
Ongoren Publications, Istanbul, 2010

ARCHITECTURAL WORKS and Related Supreme Court Decisions In Terms Of Turkish Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works
Prof.Dr. Gürsel ÖNGÖREN – Av. Filiz CERİTLİOĞLU
Ongoren Publications, Istanbul, 2007

Internet Law
Ongoren Publications, Istanbul, 2006

The Right of Privacy in Broadcasting
(Proceedings of The First Conference on Academic and Intellectual Freedom. Montana State University.1996)

Freedom of Expression: Some International Guaranties
(Proceedings of The First Conference on Academic and Intellectual Freedom. Montana State University.1996)

Radio and Television Law, Piramit Publication
Ankara, 2004

Radio and Television Law, Radio & Television Supreme Council (RTSC) Publication
Ankara, 2003

Internet Law,
Istanbul, 1998

Press Law,
Istanbul, 1998

How To Defense Your Rights Against Media (Handbook), Çınar Publication
Istanbul, 1998

How To Defense Your Civil Rights Against Radio and Television and Its Legal Proceeding, Der Publication
Istanbul, 1996

International Communication Law, Der Publication

Administrative Proceeding Law and Its Regulations, Der Publication
Istanbul, 1995

Mass Media Law and Its Regulations Der Publication

Duration of Administrative Actions in Turkish Law, Kazanci Publication
Istanbul, 1990

Clients / Practice

Clients :
Ongoren Law Office is a specialist firm in intellectual property field which has a good reputation with MUYAP (Turkish Phonographic Industry Society) for trademark enforcement and anti-piracy work
patent registration and complex litigation. Also
The law office is headed by Prof. Dr. Gursel Ongoren who is a specialist in intellectual property area.Still he is a legal counselor of most of the Internet Service Providers(isp) and radio and tv broadcasting.


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