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  • Contact Person Name : Francisco Calle
  • Establishment year :
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
  • Affiliation : Seville Bar Association (admitted to practice 1993).

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Francisco Calle Abogados is a law firm that specializes in legal advice to companies and individuals, both domestic and foreign. The firm practices for excellence with an aim to fully satisfy the current needs of its customers by using technological advances and looking into the future, although bearing in mind that the profession of Lawyers contains key notes that remain unaffected by the passage of time.

The firm’s expertise lies in the prolonged exercise of its profession in highly skilled environments, such as law firms with nationwide range and international companies.

The law firm knows its closest geographical and socio-economic environment where it is settled, and is also able to provide services to its clients with interests abroad and to foreign individuals and entities operating in Spain.


Area of Practice

State Local and Municipal Law
International Law
Litigation and Appeals
Business and Commercial
Criminal Law
Government Contract
Real Estate
Civil Right
Alternate Dispute Resolution
Probate and Estate

Lawyer's Profile


Principal Contact: FRANCISCO CALLE (born Seville, 7 March 1964).
Education: Lawyer / Abogado. He gained his Masters in Law at the University of Seville in 1987.
Specialization: Public Law, Litigation, Business and Commercial Law among other areas of practice.
Publication: Francisco has written several papers and has lectured on private litigation, regulatory Law and customers rights.
Experience: From 2000 to 2005 Francisco Calle has been a partner of Spanish Law Firm Brosa, managing director of Brosa´s office in Seville and the director of the Public Law Department of the Firm. Before that, he used to be the Head of Southern Spain legal department in a company fully owned by Aguas de Barcelona AGBAR (water supply services to towns all over Spain).

Clients / Practice

Clients :
Food companies
Public Services companies (water supply)
Foreign investors in Spain
Spanish individuals and other companies.


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