Bauer, Buchanan & Raines Lawyers

  • Contact Person Name : Jack Bauer
  • Establishment year : 2006
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
  • Affiliation : Classified - Available only by request from an authorized party.

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Area of Practice

Government Contract
Intellectual Property Law
Land Uses and Zoning
Real Estate
State Local and Municipal Law
International Law
Military Law
Wrongful Death

Lawyer's Profile


Principal Contact: Jack Bauer
Education: West Point
Specialization: Government Contracts, Military Law

Clients / Practice

Clients :
Most of our clients are classified
therefore we have non-disclosure agreements that must be honored. We pride ourselves not only as being the best litigators in our specialties
but for the discretion that we must practice with some clients
and prefer to utilize even when a client's name is not bound to dissemination censorship. However
the bulk of our business eminates from the U.S. public sector
and is sensitive in nature. Finally
we do provide aid for foreign "entities" who have specialized legal needs/interests within the public and private sectors of the U.S. Through our extensive networking successes
we are able to provide access to contacts worldwide that only a handful of U.S. legal firms can match. We treat our International "entities" with a combination of cultural awareness and professionalism. Of course
we cannot accept certain foreign "entities" as clients because of existing law
if we do accept you as a client
that means that we know that we will provide you with a favorable outcome. Unfortunately
the clients that we reject
are precluded from our practice because we don't feel we could win a favorable outcome
we just don't have the personnel necessary. Thus
we are expanding into this new office
located in the surrounding area of Phoenix
in an affluent community called Scottsdale. For our Foreign clients
our travel office will work with you and your needs
so that when visiting us on a legal matter
you will be provided with wonderful accomodations. For certain clients
we have a security firm that provides protection 24 hours a day. The security firm that we use is staffed by former DSS
Treasury and military personnel who will make you feel safe.


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